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Callin’ out the haters: A screen grab from the latest Seahawks Twitter video mash-up by Cable Thanos. (via @CableThanos_)

Update: Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. PT: What does the guy making viral videos about the Seattle Seahawks’ recent success think about his own success in attracting followers and a good deal of attention on social media? He’s a bit overwhelmed.

GeekWire tracked down @CableThanos_ — a 23-year-old kid whose actual name is Josh — for a quick interview Wednesday night, via Twitter, of course. Josh, who is comfortable sticking with just a first name reveal in the face of his newfound “fame,” is a student at Western Washington University who has been a Seahawks fan all of his life.

His game recap videos, which have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times (see original story below), have been a hit on Seahawks Twitter, that special place where fans go to cheer and trash the team depending on which way the wind is blowing out of CenturyLink Field. Even quarterback Russell Wilson has seen and publicly reacted to the videos.

“The attention is overwhelming,” Josh said. “I originally just made these for the small circle of Seahawks Twitter members. Never expected it to get this out of control.”

@CableThanos_ created a new Twitter profile image for himself featuring Seahawks offensive line coach Mike Solari holding a Surface tablet with a tweet from Russell Wilson. (Twitter Image)

Josh said his process for creating the videos, of which the latest dropped Wednesday afternoon, is pretty simple.

“I listen to my hypest songs that don’t have many lulls, over and over, until I get an inspiration,” he said. “I then try to fill the 2:20 Twitter window with as much meme/loud/in your face things as I can find. It’s all done with Photoshop and iMovie.”

He has no background in video production, and not much in art and said his Photoshop skills are really what carries the work. When asked whether he was a Marvel Comics fan because of his Twitter handle Cable Thanos, Josh said it ties back to the Hawks.

“[It’s] a reference to an old picture I made of Tom Cable (our last offensive line coach) killing Russell Wilson with his infinity stones (bad offensive linemen that he conjured),” Josh said, before adding that his favorite player on the team now is actually new offensive line coach Mike Solari.

Wilson probably joins Josh in his newfound happiness over the team’s offensive line situation. And the QB is clearly amused by the videos, as he tweeted a few times at Cable Thanos on Wednesday, even asking for Josh to make him a Pro Bowl hype video.

“I’m gonna try,” Josh told GeekWire Wednesaday night. “I got a final tomorrow morning. Gonna bust it out after that. If it looks rushed I won’t post it.”

He wasn’t up for predicting what might be in store for the Seahawks the rest of the way as they look to gain a wildcard spot in the NFL Playoffs. He said he’s pretty superstitious.

“I’m grateful for the amount of love I’m receiving for just making dumb videos,” Josh said. “Don’t think any other NFL twitter react this way.”

Original story: Being a Seattle Seahawks fan on Twitter is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. One minute, “fans” are ready to hand quarterback Russell Wilson the keys to the city, and the next they’re looking to run him out of town.

But winning changes things. It certainly makes it more fun to be on social media (at least in Seattle) when a team predicted to be nowhere near playoff contention is suddenly riding a four-game winning streak and is looking like a serious contender again. No one is having more fun than the man behind a series of viral videos which have been dropping after each of the Seahawks’ recent wins. (Even Wilson has taken notice — see the thread at the bottom of this story.)

Cable Thanos, as he calls himself on Twitter and now as a contributor over at Hawkblogger, released his newest video on Wednesday, two days after the Seahawks beat the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football to reach 8-5.

The work is a loud collection of clips and soundbites that is part highlight reel and part video game. The lo-tech nature of the editing and the haphazard inclusion of memes and type over images is what makes it all 2 minutes of fun. Last week’s video after a win over the San Francisco 49ers attracted 339,000 views on Twitter.

PREVIOUSLY: #SurfaceDrop: Seahawks star Russell Wilson births new celebration with Microsoft tablet during big win

Hawks fans with a chip on their collective shoulder love to look back on clips of the national media predicting Seattle was going nowhere this season after shedding much of its defensive identity with the loss of stars such as Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. When the team got off to an 0-2 start, the cries for coach Pete Carroll’s head grew even louder.

With just three games left in the regular season, there’s plenty to cheer about as the team has discovered a new identity.

And Cable Thanos is part of what’s making it worth watching.

Check out more of his videos below:

Update: Wednesday, 2:45 p.m.: This whole thing reached peak Seahawks Twitter Wednesday afternoon after the latest video was released, when Russell Wilson weighed in and showed his love for Cable Thanos and his work.

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