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Whoa, can we catch our breath now? We’ve certainly had plenty to cover on the tech beat over the past year, from’s introduction of the Kindle Fire to the untimely death of Steve Jobs to the wacky Post-It note creations adorning Seattle tech office windows.

In case you missed all of the action, don’t worry. We’ve compiled the 100 most popular stories on GeekWire over the past 10 months. (It’s hard to believe we’re not even a year old yet).

But, before we get into the list, a big hanks to everyone who supported us on this exciting entrepreneurial journey. We are humbled by the support and committed to delivering the highest quality technology news community, headquartered right here in the heart of Seattle. We’ve got a lot of great things in store for 2012, so stay tuned.

Without further ado, here’s a look back at the year in tech.  What were some of your favorite tech stories of the year?

Stories 1-25

Top 10 reasons Darth Vader was an amazing project manager (76 comments)

The future is amazing and Microsoft has video to prove it (159 comments)

Pranksters or vandals at an Apple store in Germany

17 things I wish I’d known when starting my first business (52 comments)

‘Pranksters’ or ‘vandals’? Windows logo installed on future Apple store (82 comments)

How Valve experiments with the economics of video games (22 comments)

How Carly screwed up AT&T’s $39B T-Mobile acquisition (15 comments)

Jeff Bezos on innovation: Amazon ‘willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time’ (33 comments)

Amazon's lockers at a Capitol Hill 7-Eleven

Gates to students: Don’t try to be a billionaire, it’s overrated (35 comments)

Photos: A look at Amazon’s new delivery locker at 7-Eleven (54 comments)

Inside IE9: How Microsoft rewrote its browser from scratch (82 comments)

Bill Gates gives away fortune, no longer richest man, or is he? (39 comments)

Seattle area 15-year-old sells startup to ActiveState (34 comments)

Windows 8: A radical change for Windows, and a huge gamble for Microsoft (86 comments)

15-year-old Daniil Kulchenko

HTC boss on Windows Phone 7, patent wars and why iPhones aren’t cool anymore (107 comments)

Q&A: Meet the 15-year-old who just sold his tech startup (11 comments)

The only wrong answer is 50/50: Calculating the co-founder equity split (67 comments)

Practical Nerd: The hidden price of “free” (37 comments)

Windows Phone GM leaving Microsoft, with a rallying cry (25 comments)

Meet’s first employee: Shel Kaphan (20 comments)

Google engineer Steve Lacey victim of Kirkland car wreck (16 comments)

What being hopelessly single taught me about pitching tech celebs (28 comments)

Why Firefox 4 isn’t abandoning Windows XP (46 comments)

Ballmer memo: Microsoft plans unprecedented boost in employee compensation, simpler reviews (25 comments)

Picture of the Week: Microsoft’s new-and-improved BSOD (20 comments)

Skype and Kinect could be Microsoft’s new killer combo (27 comments)

Stories 26-50

Microsoft’s IPO, 25 years ago, and what happened after that (9 comments)’s real problem isn’t the outage, it’s the communication (32 comments)

Windows Phone manager who tweeted inside info about Nokia device is out at Microsoft (34 comments)

Firefox 4 ‘Do Not Track’: How it works, what it really means (5 comments)

Bitcoin befuddles U.S. customs agents, thwarting Seattle visit by digital currency guru (74 comments)

Jeff Bezos wants to put an airbag in your smartphone (36 comments)

Now Playing: Post-it Wars (10 comments)

Windows 8, the first real glimpse: Tiles on a tablet (26 comments)

Amazon Prime’s new killer app: Kindle books by subscription (4 comments)

Microsoft marketing chief leaving after 22 years (11 comments)

Windows 8: What Microsoft needs to prove this week (19 comments)

Geek Pride Day: Why it’s OK to let your geek flag fly (Charts) (13 comments)

The No. 1 reason startups fail: Premature scaling (15 comments)

Via Mozilla's Damon Sicore on Twitter

Chart: Steve Ballmer’s approval rating plummets among Microsoft employees (38 comments)

A cupcake for Firefox 5: Microsoft has some fun with Mozilla’s new rapid release (11 comments)

India wins the Cricket World Cup, and 1,000 geeks in Redmond go wild (9 comments)

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. goes on an anti-tech rant, blames the iPad for U.S. job losses (51 comments)

Audio: Microsoft’s Ballmer gives a bellowing response to calls for his dismissal (64 comments)

Seven marketing mistakes most startups make (27 comments)

Sparkbuy’s Dan Shapiro on why he sold to Google: It puts ‘turbo chargers’ on the idea (12 comments)

This is Windows 8: Hands-on with Microsoft’s radically different operating system (13 comments)

Microsoft previews smarter file copying in Windows 8 (46 comments)

Microsoft seeks to toss Apple ‘App Store’ brief, says font too small (20 comments)

Barnes & Noble’s 29-page slide deck calls B.S. on Microsoft’s Android patent campaign (72 comments)

Microsoft touts Kinect at tiny hut in shadow of Apple store (15 comments)

Stories 51-75

Swype CEO responds to jailbroken iPhone ‘hack’ (10 comments)

Microsoft idea: Dating service for people with a ‘source of shame’ … like comic books (18 comments)

Microsoft’s new documentary about startups is brutally honest about Microsoft (6 comments)

Analyst bullish on Microsoft’s ‘Ultrabook Touch’ prospects (13 comments)

Full text: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s advice to USC grads (16 comments)

Admit it, Apple fans: Microsoft’s stores are pretty darn fun (18 comments)

The two (and only two) ways Microsoft can survive the phone wars (63 comments)

Windows Phone ‘Mango’ update stuffed full of features (List) (18 comments)

Post-it Wars Part Two: Space Invaders attack Pine Street (20 comments)

Google’s Les Paul Doodle consumes record 5.3M hours, RescueTime estimates (4 comments)

Sprint’s latest ad strategy: Wish a Missouri woman a happy 100th birthday (6 comments)

Microsoft customer satisfaction hits new high as Windows 7 takes hold (15 comments)

Microsoft software would detect, score and report obnoxious workplace habits (14 comments)

Geek of the Week Laura Massey

Jobs: Microsoft ‘mostly irrelevant’ with Ballmer in charge (42 comments)

Intellectual Ventures responds to This American Life exposé: ‘We fundamentally disagree’ (51 comments)

Geek of the Week: Laura Massey, Xbox software engineer (13 comments)

Microsoft doesn’t need to replace Ballmer as much as it needs to replace Gates (32 comments)

First Look: Xbox Live on Windows 8 (7 comments)

Microsoft ‘TouchStudio’ uses phone to program phone (2 comments)

Internet Explorer 9: Windows XP users, you’re out of luck (20 comments)

How to write on a Nordstrom window with Microsoft’s Kinect (0 comments)

Microsoft’s ‘KinectFusion’ creates real-time, 3D model of an entire room, and more (3 comments)

Microsoft ‘HoloDesk’ project takes us closer to Star Trek (12 comments)

Zapd: ‘We built it, they came, but Facebook pulled up the drawbridge’ (10 comments)

Does working at Microsoft really turn your brain numb? (17 comments)

Stories 76-100

Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble over Android in Nook (22 comments)

A Microsoft IT tool for iOS, Android and Symbian? Yep (5 comments)

Microsoft YouTube channel hacked (22 comments)

Daily deal site Zulily raises $43 million at huge valuation of more than $700 million (17 comments)

Exclusive: Hands-on with Amazon Locker, now working (20 comments)

The Zune HD was a solid piece of hardware, but too late to make a dent in the iPod's market share.

Five weird (and wacky) pursuits of rich tech moguls (1 comment)

Google patents a glove for ‘seeing with your hand’ (8 comments)

Goodbye from Seattle: Microsoft ending Zune device (19 comments)

Microsoft in a better place than many people think, concludes Bernstein report (10 comments)

Retail association pissed about’s Price Check app (27 comments)

Facebook, Amazon staffers are the most stressed: Google, Microsoft are the best paid (12 comments)

Google Parcel Service? Search company patents electronic shipping notifications (14 comments)

Amazon seeks Lab126 trademarks in advance of expected tablet debut (5 comments)

Video: ‘Halo’ Spartan blows up mini-fridge to pitch Windows (0 comments)

Weekend Humor: Hitler gets the bad news about HP ditching the TouchPad (6 comments)

Will Windows Phone surpass the iPhone by 2015? Gartner thinks so (14 comments)

Confirmed: Qik will become part of Microsoft, too (6 comments)

Tech: The worst IPOs of 2011 (1 comment)

Windows 8: Microsoft ties a ribbon on Windows Explorer (15 comments)

Google + Handbook: 63 resources for entrepreneurs (3 comments)

Microsoft issues new Internet Explorer 10 tech preview (2 comments)

What Apple can learn from Microsoft in the Post-Jobs Era (7 comments)

Apple hits adult ‘app store’ MiKandi with cease-and-desist over trademark (2 comments)

Western Washington Provost: Computer science department needs to step up to the future (39 comments)

Kinect goes legit on Windows as Microsoft releases software development kit (16 comments)

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