Steven VanRoekel, U.S. Chief Information Officer.

Interview: White House forms strike force of top geeks for tough tech projects

A newly formed federal team called the U.S. Digital Service will help governmental agencies learn from the way modern tech companies develop, roll out and run large technology projects. The initiative was announced this week in Washington, D.C., by Steven VanRoekel, the U.S. chief information officer, who worked for many years at Microsoft, including a stint as Bill Gates’ strategy… Read More

Moz CEO Sarah Bird

Moz CEO Sarah Bird shares work-life balance strategies with Joe Biden, Michelle Obama at White House summit

Sarah Bird has had quite the couple of days in Washington D.C. this week. The Moz CEO was invited to speak at The White House Summit on Working Families, which brought together industry leaders who shared their insight into the best workplace practices that are supportive of employees with families. Bird was originally asked to come to… Read More


3 ways to enhance your State of the Union viewing experience

President Barack Obama will deliver his fourth State of the Union address tonight at 6 p.m PST with Apple CEO Tim Cook on hand. It will be interesting to see if Obama speaks about technology and/or entrepreneurship — if you recall last year’s speech, Obama sounded more like a venture capitalist than the president of the United… Read More