This morning’s Seattle snow is a triumph of technology

If you’re just waking up in the Seattle region, there’s a surprise waiting outside: a nice coating of snow. In fact, this would have surprised meteorologists in the past. But not this time, thanks to advances in the computer systems and scientific approaches used to predict weather. The new generation of WRF models were predicting this… Read More


Scientists crowdsource atmospheric data from smartphones to improve weather forecasts

Meteorologists may become better at their jobs thanks to your smartphone. Atmospheric scientists at the University of Washington are collecting data from people using PressureNet, a free app that works on certain Android devices. Pressure sensors installed on those devices can estimate the phone’s elevation and location, but scientists can also take advantage of those sensors… Read More


Brighten clouds to help Earth? Scientists want to test theory

A group of scientists, including a University of Washington atmospheric physicist, wants to test the theory that pumping sea salt into the sky over the ocean would combat global warming by creating clouds that reflect more sunlight back into space. The experiment in “marine cloud brightening” is proposed by scientists including the UW’s Rob Wood in… Read More

Cliff Mass (Photo credit: UW)

Q&A: Weather guru Cliff Mass on science, math, Carl Sagan, coastal radar … and whatever else he wants to talk about

Cliff Mass, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington, found himself in a tempest of a different sort last week after KUOW-FM in Seattle discontinued his weekly weather segments. KUOW “Weekday” host Steve Scher explained in a note to listeners that he made the decision after Mass “began inserting his opinion on a… Read More