You can soon embed Facebook statuses, photos

It’s been easy to embed Tweets for quite some time now, but Facebook did not offer a similar tool for its content — until now. The social network giant rolled out Embeddable Posts today, allowing users to embed their statuses and photos outside of Facebook on third-party sites. However, Embedded Posts are not available to… Read More


Geek on the Street: Facebook’s stock is soaring, but do people think it’s still cool?

Sure, Facebook’s future looked quite nice on Thursday after its second quarter earnings report exceeded Wall Street’s expectations with a revenue of $1.8 billion and profit of $488 million. And yes, the company reported an average of 699 million daily active users, an increase of 27 percent over the second quarter of 2012. But even as… Read More


Persona wants to help you get hired by protecting your social media reputation 24/7

To learn more about you, employers today are reviewing the social media accounts of both prospective and current employees. Unfortunately for some, a provocative picture at the bar or one bad Tweet could cost you a chance at employment. And that’s exactly where Persona wants to help. The new Seattle startup just launched a service that analyzes your… Read More


Facebook earnings beat expectations as Q2 revenue reaches $1.8B

Facebook’s second quarter earnings report showed the social networking company’s revenue up 53% from the same period last year, exceeding Wall Street’s expectations. The company reported unaudited revenue of 1.8 billion dollars, almost 12 percent above analyst expectations. Excluding certain items, the company’s Q2 profit was $488 million, with adjusted earnings per share of 19… Read More


Annoyed with something in your News Feed? Soon you can tell Facebook why

You’ve likely seen something in your Facebook News Feeds that annoys you, whether it’s another annoying I’m-on-vacation-and-you’re-not feet-by-the-pool photo or a “Sponsored Post” that keeps reappearing every third day. Soon you’ll be able to tell Facebook why you dislike certain posts in your feed. ABC News reports that while social network giant already gives you less… Read More


These five brands are kicking ass with Instagram video

It’s been about two weeks since Instagram unveiled its 15-second video feature and the response has been excellent for the Facebook-owned media-sharing platform. Less than 24 hours after its debut, more than five million videos had been posted, while it appears that Instagram is already pushing Twitter-owned Vine out of the social media landscape. Some, though, certainly… Read More


Twitter using Bing to translate tweets automatically

Microsoft has come up with some pretty cool language translation applications over the past year, and now Twitter is getting in on the fun. The social network giant is testing out a built-in MIcrosoft Bing translation tool that allows users to translate tweets with one click. One person I follow that tweets a lot in a foreign… Read More


Vizify teams up with Twitter, lets you create personal movie trailers based on your best tweets

While there are Twitter analytics tools out there that can spit out in-depth personal usage stats, the data isn’t always aesthetically-pleasing on the eye, or “cool” for that matter. Vizify wants to change that with a new feature called #FollowMe that instantly creates mini movie trailers full of sweet infographics based on your best Twitter… Read More


You can now use #hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags are coming to Facebook, as the social media giant announced today that it has added support for phrases with “#” placed in front, a technique made popular by Twitter. Similar to how they operate on other social media hubs like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, hashtagged words will now be clickable in Facebook news feeds. By… Read More


Study: Gain more Twitter followers by being confident with predictions, not accurate

Here’s a way to get more Twitter followers: Exude confidence. That’s the finding from a study done by a pair of doctoral candidates in economics at Washington State University who analyzed more than one billion tweets during the 2012 baseball playoffs and the 2013 Super Bowl. Jadrian Wooten and Ben Smith created a software program that looked at… Read More


Ben Huh’s Circa news service hires Reuters social media guru as editor-in-chief

Circa, the mobile app hoping to redefine news presentation, today announced that it has hired Reuters social media editor Anthony de Rosa as its editor-in-chief. The seven-month-old company, which was co-founded by Seattle-based Cheezburger Network CEO Ben Huh, said that de Rosa will start work next month. The social media guru has spent the last… Read More


How social media reacted to Sonics news that left Ballmer ‘horribly disappointed’

By now, you’ve probably heard how the NBA relocation committee unanimously voted Monday afternoon to block Seattle’s bid to buy the Sacramento Kings and bring the NBA back to the Emerald City. An investment group led by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and hedge fund manager Chris Hansen had already reached an agreement with the Maloof family (current… Read More


Bill Clinton (officially) joins Twitter, gets shout out from Bill Gates and Colbert

Former president Bill Clinton has joined Twitter — and this time the ex-commander-in-chief is doing so without the help of comedian Stephen Colbert. You may recall that Colbert helped Clinton send his first Tweet on air a few months ago under the unofficial account @PrezBillyJeff. “What if you tweet and nobody tweets back?” Clinton said on… Read More


Twitter unveils sleek new #music discovery app for web, iOS

There’s a new way to find the tunes and tracks everyone is talking about. Twitter today debuted a new music discovery platform for both browsers and iOS devices. The service uses Twitter activity to aggregate the most popular music. You’re also able to preview the songs right through the app via iTunes, and subscribers to… Read More


Officials want Instagram photos, Vine videos for Boston Marathon investigation

Social media may provide a huge hand in solving the Boston Marathon bombing investigation. Officials are asking spectators to provide images and/or video they have that may help investigators with leads for finding out who was responsible for setting off the bombs that killed three and injured more than 150 Monday afternoon in Boston. BostonPolice… Read More


Why I uninstalled Facebook Home in 30 seconds

Facebook Home is out today in the Google Play Store for those fortunate enough with one of the five Android-based phones to download it. Well, maybe not so fortunate. I just installed Facebook’s newest add-on, which puts Facebook photos, updates, messages and services at the forefront of smartphone homescreens. Less than 30 seconds later, it was… Read More