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Ben Huh: How to create an Internet meme in 3 easy steps

(Video courtesy of Felice Lam) Ben Huh kicked up his black and white leather dress shoes and bounced onstage mimicing the pop singer PSY, whose “Gangnam Style” now has more than 600 million views and a record-breaking 4.6 million likes. It was a brilliant intro to his presentation on Internet memes at the Seattle Interactive Conference that —… Read More


Nerd rockers Kirby Krackle win Battle of the Geek Bands

They sang about Facebook, math and comic books. And one dude even busted out the geekiest instrument of all time, the flute. (OK, maybe second only to the harp). Welcome to the Battle of the Geek Bands, held last night at the Showbox Sodo to kick off the inaugural Seattle Interactive Conference. I had a… Read More


Battle of the Geek Bands: Who should be the final warrior?

One of the most-anticipated activities at next month’s Seattle Interactive Conference will be opening night’s Battle of the Geek Bands, a fast-paced competition in which five bands from the tech industry take to the stage at the Showbox Sodo. Now, here’s the deal: Four of the bands have already been chosen by the SIC committee from… Read More


Gnomedex back from another near-death experience

Fans of Chris Pirillo’s Gnomedex conference will be happy to hear that it’s coming back for at least one more year, as a companion event to the new Seattle Interactive Conference in early November in downtown Seattle. Pirillo shared the news with us on this past weekend’s GeekWire podcast and radio show, and his longtime… Read More