Placed Insights reveal how much Americans love fast food and McDonald’s

America sure loves its fast food. That’s the latest from the April rankings of Placed Insights, a platform that is essentially the Nielsen TV ratings system or Google Analytics, but for the offline world. Seattle location analytics startup Placed unveiled the service last month, which tracks the paths and places of U.S. consumers and quantifies it to bring… Read More


P.F. Chang’s, Anthony’s and others to test new restaurant payment system

Seattle area startup Viableware plans to begin testing its new dining payment system at a number of select restaurants, including P.F. Chang’s, Anthony’s Restaurants, Dickie Brennan & Co. and Restaurants Unlimited. The company’s technology allows restaurant patrons to peruse a digital copy of the bill, calculate tips, split the bill, answer survey questions and then “self swipe” credit… Read More


Video: Is this how we will pay restaurant tabs in the future?

The Boom Noodle restaurant at Seattle’s University Village was buzzing with activity when I stopped by for an early lunch this week. I had been invited there by Viableware CEO Joe Snell who wanted to show off his company’s new Rail device, a patent-pending technology that he believes could transform the way people pay their bills… Read More


Urbanspoon nibbles on 25,000 Zagat reviews

Zagat corned the market on restaurant ratings in the 1980s and early 1990s, tapping the power of user-generated content before that term had even entered the popular lexicon. But then, the Internet came along, and review sites such as Yelp took over. Zagat is trying to get back in the online game, and that’s part… Read More