Vote: What was the top tech news story of the year?

OK, geek fans. We’ve compiled our list of the top quotes of 2013, and just yesterday posted the top 50 most popular stories of year. Now, here’s your chance to join the fun. As part of our year-end wrap-up, we’re asking our devoted readers — yes, that’s you — to vote on the top story… Read More


Poll: What do you think about Steve Ballmer stepping down?

We already know how Wall Street feels about Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s retirement plans. Shares of the company soared more than six percent on the news Friday morning. But what do you think about the decision? Certainly, many GeekWire readers have been longing for this day for some time, suggesting that Ballmer has failed to… Read More


Mobile manners: The top 5 most annoying cell phone pet peeves

Smartphones, for the most part, are pretty awesome tech tools. But they also pissed us off sometimes just as much as they help. A Microsoft Safer Online Facebook poll found the top-five mobile pet peeves: Checking phones constantly Talking loudly Using or not silencing phones when appropriate Using phones during face-to-face conversation Delaying traffic by using phones What… Read More


Poll: Are you upgrading to Windows 8 before prices rise?

If you’re thinking about upgrading your existing Windows PC to Microsoft’s Windows 8, time is running out to do it on the cheap. Later this week, Microsoft will raise the price of the Windows 8 upgrade editions, ending the promotional pricing of $39.99 for an online upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. Starting in February, the… Read More


Apple vs. Amazon: Whose new headquarters is cooler?

It has been fun to see the plans come together for Amazon’s new three-block campus on the edge of downtown Seattle. The company’s architects this week took it up a notch when they showed the surprisingly cool color schemes that Amazon plans to add to the Seattle skyline (above). I’m no architecture critic, but the… Read More


Poll: Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie, thumbs up or down?

As Facebook prepares for what promises to be a landmark IPO for the tech industry, the attention of Wall Street this week focused on one of the company’s signature features — Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie. Yes, the attire of the Facebook CEO seemed to generate as much attention as the social network’s bottom line or growth… Read More


Polls: How many Apple and Microsoft products do you have in your house?

Earlier this week, CNBC published a survey which found that half of American households now own at least one Apple product. GeekWire’s coverage of the survey sparked a strong reaction, which didn’t surprise me given our location in Microsoft’s backyard (not to mention Apple’s legions of die-hard fans). Some readers said the survey results were meaningless,… Read More

Photo by Jim Legans Jr., via Flickr.

Poll: Are you still talking and texting behind the wheel?

The problem of talking and texting while driving was put back into the spotlight yesterday as the National Transportation Safety Board called for an unprecedented nationwide ban on the use of cell phones and other devices by drivers, even hands-free technology. Of course, this has been a known problem for quite a while — a… Read More


Poll: Are you tempted by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5?

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update has already been distributed as an update for existing Windows Phone devices, but now it’s rolling out on new phones, as well. AT&T announced that its new Windows Phone 7.5 devices, the Focus S and Focus Flash by Samsung, will be available in AT&T stores starting this coming weekend, on… Read More


Poll: Do you accept Netflix’s apology?

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings apologized last night for the manner in which the company announced plans to split its streaming and DVD-by-mail services into separate offerings with a higher combined price. Not the fact that Netflix hiked prices, to be clear, but the way the company announced the price hikes. “It is clear from the… Read More


Poll: Are you still checking in? Or have you checked out?

The privacy changes introduced yesterday by Facebook include the news that the social network will no longer offer Facebook Places as a standalone mobile feature. Instead the company will be integrating location more deeply into Facebook, with the ability to share your place in the world from any type of post on any type of… Read More


Poll: Time to dump Netflix?

Netflix caused an uproar among its users today with a change in its subscription plans that boils down to a not-insignificant price hike for customers who want unlimited online streaming and unlimited DVDs by mail. Netflix will charge separately for DVDs and streaming. For example, someone currently paying $10 a month for streaming and one DVD… Read More

Flickr photo via Justin D. Miller

Poll: Are we experiencing another tech bubble?

Here comes the “B” word again. That’s right, bubble. Venture capitalists and startups are currently engaged in a wild deal making frenzy– highlighted by the dizzying valuations behind companies such as Groupon, Facebook and LivingSocial. Cash-rich corporate tech giants also are on the prowl, looking to gobble up talent and technology before the competition does. The… Read More