First impressions: Office for iPad is the real deal

SAN FRANCISCO – Even though it seems like everyone saw it coming, Microsoft rocked the tech world today by announcing Office for iPad, the first iteration of its productivity suite for Apple’s tablets. Based on GeekWire’s initial hands-on time at Microsoft’s event here today, these feel like the Office apps that iPad users have been… Read More

Loudon Owen, left, and Michael Vulpe of i4i, literally adding up the damages.

Q&A: i4i chairman adds up a $290M verdict vs. Microsoft

Earlier today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Toronto-based technology company i4i in a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft — rejecting the Redmond company’s bid to lower the standard for proving patents invalid at trial. The landmark decision upholds a $290 million verdict against Microsoft. GeekWire spoke via phone with Loudon Owen, i4i’s… Read More


Supreme Court rules against Microsoft in landmark i4i patent case: What it means

The U.S. Supreme Court this morning rejected Microsoft’s appeal in a long-running patent dispute with Canadian technology company i4i, turning away an attempt by Microsoft and its industry allies to lower the standard for challenging patents at trial. Read the Supreme Court’s decision here: PDF. The decision upholds a $290 million judgment against Microsoft. But more… Read More