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Paper trumps tech at national library conference

I went looking for the digital future of libraries at the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting this week. Conveniently, the conference was held in Seattle, near a couple of very forward-looking library systems that make eBooks, mobile apps and digital downloads expected, almost routine. But if the exhibit hall represented the near future for libraries,… Read More


Kindle public library books decline as Penguin pulls titles

The number of e-books available for digital lending on Amazon’s Kindle through public libraries around the country has declined noticeably in recent days — from more than 27,000 to less than 23,000 titles through the Seattle Public Library, for example. The reason: Penguin Group USA has decided, for now, to stop making new e-books available… Read More


Kindle e-book lending goes national, at 11,000 libraries this morning announced the rollout of its Kindle e-book lending program to more than 11,000 U.S. libraries, confirming what we suspected after the initiative surfaced this week at two libraries in the Seattle region. It’s a big move that promises to further boost interest in the Seattle company’s Kindle devices and software. The program… Read More