Flickr photo via Justin D. Miller

Poll: Are we experiencing another tech bubble?

Here comes the “B” word again. That’s right, bubble. Venture capitalists and startups are currently engaged in a wild deal making frenzy– highlighted by the dizzying valuations behind companies such as Groupon, Facebook and LivingSocial. Cash-rich corporate tech giants also are on the prowl, looking to gobble up talent and technology before the competition does. The… Read More


The ‘Fourth Place’: Starbucks as a technology giant

Starbucks has always aspired to be the quintessential “third place,” giving people another place to settle in apart from home and work. During the company’s annual meeting with shareholders this morning, executives talked frequently about the company’s role in the “fourth place” — a.k.a. the digital world. Some of the stats rattled off during the… Read More

Tracking the tsunami online, even before the quake

Following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we’ve been checking frequently with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center for updates and YouTube’s CitizenTube (via AllThingsD) for videos that provide a sense for the intense scenes on the ground. Feel free to share links to your own favorite online resources below. Tsunami waves have hit… Read More