Scoutzie: A new way to find the best mobile designers

Already this year we’ve seen two Pacific Northwest mobile app development shops gobbled up by big companies: Ubermind was acquired by Deloitte, and Portland’s Small Society was purchased by Walmart. Obviously, mobile app development is hot. And there’s a mad dash to try to find the best mobile designers and developers. A new Seattle startup… Read More


Madrona, Rob Glaser and others pump $3.5M into mobile app Zapd

PressPlane, a Seattle startup which incubated the mobile application Zapd, has raised a little more than $3 million from Madrona Venture Group, RealNetworks chairman Rob Glaser, Second Avenue Partners, PhotoDisc co-founder Tom Hughes and others. Zapd, which allows users to create Web sites in a matter of minutes, has recorded 320,000 downloads of its iPhone app since… Read More