Chart: Here’s why Apple paid $3 billion for Beats Music

When rumors first surfaced about Apple buying Beats, a lot of tech watchers (myself included) were left scratching their heads. What could Apple possibly want from this company? This chart from Statista shows one clear incentive: iTunes Music purchases have declined in recent years, even as total revenue from Apple’s digital store has risen thanks… Read More


Chart: Here’s why Wall Street hates Apple

Over the past two days, Apple’s stock price has fallen to just above $500 a share, down from where it sat above $550 before its earnings release on Monday. Here’s why, according to a new chart from Statista: The Cupertino-based maker of iPhones, iPads and Macs has seen declining revenue and profit growth over the… Read More

Angel in Guisley. Photo via Baldur McAqueen

Angel groups in Seattle: How they’re doing, what they cost

Over the past three days, GeekWire Chief Business Officer Rebecca Lovell and I both have moderated panels about the state of angel financing in Seattle. The discussions have been lively, and fun. [Previously: Angel mind meld: What early-stage investors really want] But, at the end of the day, what entrepreneurs really want to know is where… Read More