Aviary freezes its Windows and Windows Phone photo SDK, citing ‘lack of general platform traction’

Aviary, a photo-editing technology company backed by investors including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, says it is discontinuing work on its photo-editing software development kit for Windows Phone and Windows 8, citing a “lack of general platform traction” for the Microsoft operating systems. The news was delivered in a message to a user of the Aviary forums,… Read More


Aviary steps into spotlight with standalone photo-editing apps for iPhone and Android

Aviary, a startup backed by investors including Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos, provides the behind-the-scenes photo-editing technology for more than 1,000 apps and, most recently, for Flickr’s web interface. Today, the company came out with its own standalone apps to showcase its technology and possibly pick up some new users along the way. The company released apps… Read More


Aviary bringing photo-editing tech to Windows Phone apps

Aviary, a photo-editing tech startup backed by investors including Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, is placing a bet on Nokia and Windows Phone with plans to expand its platform to the Microsoft mobile operating system — making it possible for software developers to incorporate its photo-editing technology into Windows Phone apps. The 13-person startup, based in… Read More