App of the Week: Xfinity TV Go adds live TV streaming

This week’s App of the Week is the perfect companion for watching live TV on your iOS or Android device…so long as you’re a Comcast subscriber. Xfinity TV Go is Comcast’s latest revision of its streaming solution for subscribers to its cable service. The marquee new feature from Comcast’s update is the ability to stream… Read More


App of the Week: Yabbly helps you make better buying decisions

What’s the best way to find top-notch products, and avoid bad ones? Ask a trusted group of people who have made similar decisions, and in many cases already own the products you’re considering. That’s the philosophy behind Yabbly, currently available in beta on the web and iOS. Seattle tech vet Tom Leung, the company’s founder… Read More


App of the Week: ‘StatSmack’ is perfect for March Madness

Sure, you love your college basketball team, but how well do you argue against rival fans? StatSheet’s College Basketball “StatSmack” might just come in handy this time of year. It’s a free app for iPhone and Android. Just enter your favorite team, and the name of another team, and the app returns a list of statistical… Read More


App of the Week: Calcul8 turns math into English

For a journalist, I like to think I’m pretty good with numbers, but there are certain types of calculations that trip me up, or at least make me think twice — such as trying to split the bill at a restaurant after dinner and drinks, or calculating someone’s age from a birthdate. Calcul8 aims to… Read More


App of the Week: SideCar offers ‘spontaneous carpools’

This week’s App of the Week is SideCar, the community ridesharing service that connects people who need rides with drivers who have extra space in their cars. It works via apps on Android and iPhone/iPad. SideCar recently expanded to Seattle from its original market of San Francisco. Andru Edwards of, our guest on this… Read More