Podcast: Windows 8 vs. iPad, Wal-Mart vs. Amazon, and WhitePages CEO Alex Algard

Our guest in the studio this week is tech industry veteran Alex Algard, the CEO of, the online directory company. Alex tells the story of the company’s founding and talks about its current strategy, including its mobile apps, its approach to privacy and how it’s keeping a startup-style approach even after 15 years in business. It’s an interesting discussion,… Read More


Podcast: Xbox tries politics, tipping goes digital, and a chat with new LiquidPlanner CEO Liz Pearce

What happens when Microsoft’s Xbox Live tries politics? It gets a little confusing, and reveals a few things about the Xbox demographic. This week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast, we start our news segment by discussing what happened this week when the Redmond company’s game division streamed the first presidential debate along with an… Read More


Podcast: How to wait in line like a geek

When should you wait in line for something, and how can you get the most out of the experience? Those are a couple of the questions answered this week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast by our guest expert, Beth Goza, who gave a talk at the recent Ignite Seattle event on “The Elegant… Read More


GeekWire Podcast: Inside the world of an RFID implantee

Radio Frequency Identification, better known as RFID, is used in everything from livestock to shipping containers. But what about humans? This week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast, we talk with Amal Graafstra, who has had the distinction of walking around for years with an RFID tag implanted in each of his hands. And… Read More


GeekWire Podcast: Where The Hell is Matt? On our show!

Even if you don’t recognize Matt Harding’s name, you’ve probably seen one of his videos. He’s the globetrotting YouTube star behind the site His videos, showing him dancing with people in countries around the world, have been viewed millions upon millions of times. Matt is our guest this week on the GeekWire radio show… Read More


Podcast: How to make an iPhone more like a BlackBerry, and why you would want to

Our guests this week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast are Robert and Cody Solomon, the father-and-son team behind a new line of iPhone accessories called “Spike” that let you type on the Apple device using a physical keyboard very similar to the one on a BlackBerry. Based near Seattle on Bainbridge Island, entrepreneur Robert Solomon… Read More

roadster three quarter

GeekWire Radio: The future of groceries, phones and cars

We’ve got our eyes on the road ahead this week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast. Our guest in the studio is Joe Justice, a leader of Wikispeed, a project applying the principles of agile software development to auto manufacturing. The project is developing 100 MPG vehicles using lightweight modular components, rapid prototyping and… Read More


GeekWire Radio: Google’s big week, Amazon’s new ways, and how geeks go camping

Ah, summer camp. Hiking, campfires, sing-alongs, s’mores … and hacking? Our subject on this week’s GeekWire radio show and podcast is camping, with a geeky twist. Our guest is David Hulton, a founder and one of the organizers of ToorCamp, a unique event taking place Aug. 8-12 on the Washington coast, bringing together hundreds of people for… Read More

Michael Manley

GeekWire Radio: Microsoft’s big week, and the future of NFC wireless on our phones

It has been a significant week for Microsoft, from the announcement of the company’s Surface tablet computer, (and its unique cover/keyboard) to the unveiling of Windows Phone 8. We assess the impact of the news (and the mysterious way Microsoft delivered it) in our weekly news wrapup on this week’s GeekWire radio show and podcast. Then… Read More