The next wave of news: Peer-to-peer livestreaming

Twitter enabled any person to reach anyone in the world directly with 140 characters of text. And, of course, you know it’s now being used as a news source for millions of people throughout the world. News always breaks on Twitter before it breaks on television. But WHY is the ability to reach the world… Read More


A wild idea for Bezos and the Post: Develop a ‘Kindle Printer’ and shut down the main press

The economics of delivering a local newspaper to your doorstep just don’t make sense anymore. The reasons? Declining subscriber counts and increased competition from free content online. However, as expensive as it is to produce, there are certainly people who would rather consume their news in that traditional paper format. What if that fixed delivery… Read More


Community Building 101

It’s commonly understood that people spend their time with people they know — both offline and online. People spend their money with companies and individuals they know and trust (if possible). People donate to causes run by organizations and people they know and trust. That’s human nature. Community building also is the lifeblood of any… Read More


The future of the inbox

My inbox is a horribly inefficient way to manage the requests that come into me. On any given day, I receive all sorts of different emails — all of which require different forms of action. Here are some of the types of emails I field daily: Introduction requests Notification emails from my bank Invoices Receipts… Read More


The opportunity to redefine the feed reader experience

I’ve used Google Reader almost everyday since 2008. I’m bummed it’s going away. And, clearly, I’m not alone. Millions of people are using Google Reader — evidence that there is still demand for a great utility to consume content in one location. It may not make sense for Google, but clearly there is a real… Read More


Why it’s smart to be an early adopter on a new platform

A Tweet posted last week by Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff — who I used to work for  — caught my attention. I don’t know how she did it, but this designer already has 1400+ followers on #ZillowDigs! #jealous… — Spencer Rascoff (@spencerrascoff) February 8, 2013 My first thought was this: Zillow Digs has hit every mainstream… Read More


The time suck economy: Let’s start building value

Time is our most precious asset. Yet, we’re wasting far too much of it. It’s called the time suck economy. And it’s available on a smartphone near you. You can waste time these days in unlimited ways — online and offline. Let’s just focus online, and more specifically from your mobile device which you carry… Read More