If you own both a Microsoft Surface and the Xbox One, the video above is certainly worth a watch if you’re interested in how the two devices can work together.

xboxoneSean Ong, a 28-year-old clean energy consultant from Seattle, just posted his latest YouTube video that shows off some pretty sweet tips and tricks for integrating the Surface and Xbox One.

Ong, who also has similar advice videos on his YouTube page, demonstrates features like screen mirroring, casting content from Windows Media Center and SmartGlass integration.

surface2featuredFor example, Ong uses a NetGear Miracast device to stream what’s on his Surface screen to the TV, whether it’s Internet, Spotify, or any other content on your tablet. He does this by taking advantage of the Xbox One’s HDMI input port, which is really meant to feed your cable or satellite connection to the console, allowing you to watch live TV easily. We used a similar strategy to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

If you only have a Surface 2, check out this video where Ong talks about his favorite features for Microsoft’s latest tablet.

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  • Mortalmoss

    I connected my Xbox 360 through my Xbox One. It was pretty awesome, unfortunately, the input latency is enough that it makes playing games–especially an FPS where a very low input latency is required–quite difficult. If only there were a way to mitigate the input latency with this setup.

  • Guest

    Now if Microsoft can get anyone to buy the Surface things will be looking up.

  • Joey Speriolli

    Thanks for this. I’ll be doing this today. This absolutely blows away anything from apple or google.

  • http://ryanrobinson.ca/ Ryan Robinson

    My question: before the One launched there was news that Miracast would be supported directly on the console (not buying an extra dongle). Did this happen and I can’t find it, is it still on its way, or did it get scrapped?

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