It isn’t the best day for Xbox Live to go down, but indeed, that’s what happened Tuesday afternoon.

Hours after the highly-anticipated Titanfall launch, many Xbox One owners reported problems logging into Xbox Live:

The outage is affecting Xbox One owners, according to the Xbox Live status page. Microsoft, however, is denying that the hiccups have anything to do with Titanfall:

titanfall21Earlier today, Titanfall gamers were complaining of server issues. Titanfall’s developer, Respawn Entertainment, moved quickly to release a software patch that appeared to take care most of the connection issues.

Titanfall, the highly-anticipated online-only game that Microsoft is counting on to help increase Xbox One sales, is taking the unusual approach of relying on Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, which up until now has mainly been hosting business applications.

We’ll update this page as we learn more.

Update, 4:40 p.m. PT:

Still looks like people are having issues, and they’re letting people know on Twitter:

The Xbox Live status page is still showing Xbox Live sign-in problems for Xbox One owners.

Update, 8:00 p.m. PT

Looks like Xbox Live is functional again, at least according to the Xbox Support Twitter page:

The Xbox Live status page still shows problems, though. Microsoft advises those who had trouble signing in to power cycle your Xbox One.

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  • Lacerz

    It’s a Microsoft issue. Welcome to the cloud.

  • Duh

    This has nothing to do with Titanfall … but has everything to do with Microsoft!

  • Boss

    Fuck nooooooo!

  • Mike Clique

    Oh damn c’mon ive got bf4 to play!, good thing I checked cause I thought i was banned!!!

  • Caboose

    Got to be Fucking kidding me. Its 9pm and it is still down. Come on Microsoft.

  • Panda Bear

    You would think a billion $ company could do a little better than this!

  • jesus

    This is so fucking frustrating I bought xbox one today and I was playing titanfall and I got disconnected I’m so fucking pissed off I will buy ps4 I WILL RETURN THIS PIECE A SHIT

  • dude

    Right because Facebook, twitter, gmail, yahoo… None of those have ever been down either… Oh wait.. NM.

    • YaRight

      Ya, because it’s the exactly same if you buy a $500 gaming console plus a brand new game … or use some social online service for free. /s If that’s what Microsoft compares their paid products and services to then they’re doomed. Kinda like Boeing excusing a plane crash by saying it’s not like cars and bicycles have never been down.

  • GoofballMicronerds

    Maybe if big corporate releases its stranglehold on its good and dedicated paying customers we’ll be able to enjoy their products.

  • justin

    well its july 10th and i still cannot connect to the internet on my 360, when is microsoft going to patch it up

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