CNet’s Roger Cheng and T-Mobile’s John Legere in the pic that alerted AT&T to Legere’s presence at the event.

LAS VEGAS — Getting the boot from AT&T’s private party and Macklemore concert last night was apparently the best thing that could have happened to T-Mobile CEO John Legere here at CES this week.

The outspoken wireless executive has been having a field day with the incident on Twitter, garnering loads of coverage and making it one of the most talked-about events at the giant tech show this week — garnering more buzz than many of the big product launches.

Whether or not Legere expected to be ousted after crashing the party — and let’s be clear, he probably did – AT&T played into his hands by having security show him the door.

Intentional or not, the incident has become part of T-Mobile’s marketing strategy. As noted by Ina Fried of Re/code, the company paid to promote this tweet by Legere, which cleverly used a line from a Macklemore song and referenced the Seattle rapper’s Twitter handle. (Macklemore hasn’t yet taken the bait with a RT to his 2 million followers.)

Here’s another tweet from Legere today, noting the irony of one AT&T ad at CES.

By the way, Roger Cheng of CNet, whose picture with Legere at the party apparently alerted AT&T to its rival’s presence, noted in his recap that Legere actually got his pass to the party from Macklemore’s agent.

On Wednesday, T-Mobile gets a chance to make actual news at its CES press conference. We’ll be there covering the event, and we can only imagine what Legere will have to say about this incident on stage.

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  • Amy

    Legere is complete JACKASS!! One reason why I would never use TMO.

    • Andrew

      You wont use a service because the CEO is supposedly a jackass in your eyes? youre gonna miss out on a lot in life. Someone must have att

      • Richard Yarrell

        He’s just as retarded as those other dick weeds on At&t

    • Nurdface Gamerhandz

      100% your loss, if you like slower LTE for more money, no one is going to force you to leave. Your carrier is just going to force you to stay.

    • John Twomey

      Sorry you feel that way. I find the fact that he knows how to have a little fun and speaks his mind bluntly refreshing. Maybe intelligence and honesty intimidate some people. I also like the fact that I switched from a minute-limited, datacapped program with AT&T to unlimited talk, text and data with TMO and saved $80 a month in the process, plus not being locked into a contract. And when I call my friends in Europe, it costs me .20 a minute vs 1.99. But yeah… don’t use TMO because the CEO’s not a stuffed shirt. Good move.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile or Mr. JOHN LEGERE period. At@t sucks monkey balls and is for losers.

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