microsoftseahawks123So this might not be as epic as Boeing’s Seahawks-themed 747 jet, but Microsoft put together something of its own on Friday to show support for the local NFL team.

The result is pretty sweet. About 7,000 Microsoft employees from the company’s Operating Systems Group gathered on the Redmond campus this afternoon to form a massive “12,” as an ode to the 12th Man.

Fellow Seattle tech giant Amazon also tried to put on its own rally today:

One Amazon employee told me that “not many people showed up,” and the rally was “poorly planned and fizzled.”

I was not at either campus today, but based on the photos, I’m going to give the nod to Microsoft here. That 12 is pretty dang epic.

Oh, and the food Microsoft was serving on campus today is just perfect:

The Seahawks — owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen — will go for their first-ever Super Bowl win on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. The game will be streamed for free online.

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  • Bob

    Just remember, without Microsoft, this game doesn’t happen. Go Hawks!

    • Guest

      You mean the guy that owns the land that Amazon’s new campus is built on? He left MSFT many moons ago.

      • do-try-to-keep-up

        Amazon bought the land and buildings from Vulcan a year ago.

  • Patrick Husting

    Nice job MSFT’ers – GO HAWKS!

  • gerdo888

    All the stars are aligned, Seahawks is going to win! Go Hawks!

  • Guest

    Congrats to Microsoft on the big win!

  • The 12th Man
  • gguuss

    I think this is not the first Super Bowl for the hawks…

    • Carolina Hernandez

      No one said first super bowl. The article says “first-ever Super Bowl win”
      Win is the keyword here!

  • AmznHawkfan

    Great job Microsoft! But in Amazon’s defense, one of their core leadership principles is frugality so spending money on a rally was probably not a priority. They look like they had a great time at both rallies. GO HAWKS!

    • Mark_Dubrow

      Yeah… Frugality…. Sure.

  • hawkeye

    BOEING also painted out a 747-8 Freighter to bring back all that Super Bowl being the Seahawks are going to win in Jersey.

    • hawkeye


  • Scott

    Some less technical love from a scrapyard up in Ferndale:

  • p.t.

    No! It’s not the “first ever” super bowl! They’ve done it once in 2006, or so.

    • Mark_Dubrow

      Pay attention. It says first ever Super bowl *win*. Seattle didn’t win in 2006. Seattle has not won a Super Bowl yet.

  • lolyasee

    Amazon employees actually have work to do putting out quality products and services. Glad Microsoft employees have that much time on their hands!

    • Guest

      I dunno, the AMZN stock chart says otherwise this week.

    • Mark_Dubrow

      Amazon puts out quality products and services, my @ss…
      Amazon is an online realtor, a middle man, and most of the workers are minimum wage working in warehouses. They sell other people’s products and services. They sell everything from radioactive plutonium samples to books about cooking with semen. They’re the online equivalent of Walmart.

  • HTB

    Hi Taylor –

    Ahem, don’t forget Expedia (Richard Sherman tribute on the building. Plus, our rally party was very well attended

  • Tuna_sparkle

    It’s the hawks 2nd trip to the Super Bowl. It feels like the first, but it’s the second.

    • Mark_Dubrow

      But they’re still trying to make their *first win*.

  • Ben Yau

    12th man is definitely an obsession :) But aren’t all sports fans? I collected some Super Bowl 12s and wrote up a post for the 12th man!

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