Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock made a food bet for the Super Bowl on the Colbert Report Thursday evening.
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock made a food bet for the Super Bowl on the Colbert Report Thursday evening.

If the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, a Lombardi Trophy isn’t the only thing Seattle will come home with.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray made the Super Bowl a little bit more interesting Thursday night on the Colbert Report by making a food-themed bet.

The stipulations: If the Hawks win, Hancock will send Murray a Colorado beef steak. If the Broncos win, Murray will send Hancock a nice salmon fillet from the Northwest.

superbowl-pageMurray, who took office earlier this month, noted that he’d send the fish to his fellow mayor only “in the impossible event that Seattle were to lose.”

The two mayors were invited to the Colbert Report as part of the show’s ongoing “Superb Owl” coverage this week. Host Stephen Colbert made reference to Murray being the first openly-gay mayor in Seattle and landed a low blow when noting that the Seahawks were the “Mariners of football.”

In terms of who was showing more support for their respective teams, it was clearly Murray, who came dressed in a slick Seahawks jacket. Hancock, meanwhile, only wore a normal blue sweater and orange polo — sure, those are Broncos colors, but at least Murray rocked a Hawks logo.

The mayors were on for no more than five minutes. Other topics on Thursday night’s show included an interview with New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, a discussion about the NFL’s concussion problem, and Colbert going off about NFL players potentially using medicinal marijuana for injuries.

Check back on GeekWire next week to hear Mayor Murray’s thoughts on the delayed gigabit Internet situation in Seattle.

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  • elbowman

    My sources tell me that after the bet was made and the two mayors shook hands on it Colbert had them arrested, because gambling is illegal in New York. They were taken off stage by two NYPD officers.

  • Vroo (Bruce Leban)

    Shouldn’t Denver be sending Seattle an Omaha steak?

  • Patrick Husting

    They should be exchanging their best bags of POT. :o)

  • heavyshift

    Seattle + Denver + Bosworth

    I believe he sort of bad mouthed Denver back in the day, to up the rivalry. Once when Seattle went to play a game in Denver, the Denver fans almost all bought and wore, circle and slash, ‘Boz Buster’ tee shirts with is face in the center. I think Denver won.

    But like every celebrity, he owns his image and made a bunch of money off the sales. I also heard that he gave the $ to charity.

    Just a note: I read that when Bosworth finally arrived in Seattle to live, his first stop was The Children’s Hospital.

  • erere

    I want to see our steak delivered :D

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