Kate Matsudaira (GeekWire Photo: Annie Laurie Malarkey)
Kate Matsudaira (GeekWire Photo: Annie Laurie Malarkey)

There are lots of ways for professionals to improve their leadership skills, from books to apps to coaches.

Popforms is hoping to combine the best of all those worlds with a new subscription-based product called Pop Star.

The Seattle-based company, founded by former Decide.com and Moz exec Kate Matsudaira, today launched Pop Star as a way for busy people to bolster their interpersonal skills while on the job.

“Pop Star is like having the high-impact content and action of an executive coach, but at the cost of an app that helps you manage your to-do list,” Matsudaira said.

For $35 per month or $336 per year, customers ranging from individuals to enterprise teams will receive bite-sized lessons via email on topics like “Learn to lead: Influence and success at every level,” and “Leverage your current role to make progress on your future goals.”

The first course offering is called “Be Someone Everyone Wants To Work With,” and focuses on how to build great relationships, be a good listener, motivate other people, and be seen as someone who adds huge value to your team.

popforms11Matsudaira said that the new product is targeted at both “the next generation of leaders,” and startups who may not have big corporate budgets.

“Work is changing, and the ways that we develop and retain the amazing people on our teams must change too,” she said. “Our target market is people who care about their careers — the overachievers, if you will — and who want to consume their content online, on their own schedule, in a fun and engaging format.

Matsudaira, a former GeekWire Geek of the Week who also worked previously at Amazon and Microsoft, started Popforms to create content and tools that help employees and managers be more productive.

“I founded Popforms because years ago, when I first became a manager, I was really bad at my job,” she said. “Eventually through brute force of studying, reading, writing, and years of experience, I got better at being a leader. And now I want to create the tools I always wished I had when I first started.”

Popforms, which is self-funded, is made up of Matsudiara and her co-founder Kate Stull. Learn more about Pop Stars here.

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  • Slaggggg

    So … they’ve created a mailing list … and this becomes one of “Today’s Top Stories” (on the mailing list).

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

    There are so many startups doing so many interesting things … we hear nothing about most of them … and then this is like the 10th article about PopStar and it’s just to announce a mailing list???
    GW, check your GW 200 list. There are tons of interesting startups there that you can write about that you never do who have innovated stuff a lot more interesting than a mailing list.

  • balls187

    I’m a little confused what the product is. I went to the site, and I get that it’s a subscription, but as far as I can tell, it’s a mailing list, with access to video, audio and content, plus at least some curated content on a bi-weekly basis.

    Is there more than that?

    • Slaggggg

      Balls – you should launch your own mailing list. You’ll get a GW article out of it!

      • balls187

        Can’t. Too busy not launching.

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