seahawksboeing121Seahawks fever is abound all around Seattle, from the skyscrapers to the coffee to the cars.

Now you can add airplanes to the mix. Boeing just unveiled a newly-designed 747-8 Freighter, complete with Seahawks artwork that is pretty freaking awesome and just in time for the Feb. 2 Super Bowl.

“The Seahawks have been an inspiration to our entire community throughout this incredible season,” Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner said in a statement. “We’re honored that we could join together two Northwest icons, the Seahawks and the 747, for this special salute from the entire Boeing team.”

Here’s a good look at the mock-ups, courtesy of the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace:



Boeing offered up some fun facts about the 747-8, including my personal favorite: The airplane — which is currently being used for flight testing — can carry 121 million Skittles candies or 302,400 one-pound bags, just in case Beast Mode was wondering:


Alaska Airlines is also getting in on the Seahawks love, throwing a Super Bowl party on a flight to Newark Liberty International with a special Seahawks-themed plane.

Go Hawks.

Follow-up: Boeing’s new Seahawks-themed 747 takes first flight in ’12′ pattern to salute Seattle fans

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  • tsupasat

    That’s pretty dang awesome.

  • Mike

    That is so awesome! They should fly it down to San Fransisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge, then over Alcatraz and Pier 39, and around the Bay Area, then head over to Denver for a low altitude sight seeing flight. Go Hawks!

  • Randy

    I heard Coors is going to put a Bronco’s Logo on a Beer can.

    • johnhcook

      :) Worst beer ever…

      • DwayneBozie

        Not to split hairs, but Coors isn’t owned by the family anymore. One half of the family went into republican politics. Then, the other Coors (progressive democrats) went into a different business. The company was broken up into two pieces and sold. MillerCoors and MolsonCoors.

        So depending on the brew, it’s either Canadian or English. I’m not sure. But there’s nothing like a local brew from Wynkoop (The Governor’s bar… I wish Inslee got into brewing). So stop into the Wynkoop and order a “Rocky Mountain Oyster Beer”. You’ll enjoy it.

        • Dave Wheeler

          That was a ballzy statement.

          • DwayneBozie

            So you’ve had Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout?

    • DwayneBozie

      Well, just a FYI- Budweiser sponsors the NFL.

      • SeaHawker

        dont you mean Formaldiheiser? btw they are on longer majority owned by the Busch Family either …..they were sold to ImBev a Belgian owned firm so now you can get European brewed Formaldiheiser as well!

  • DwayneBozie

    Friday, January 31, marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year).

    This year, celebrations will be held in China Town in Seattle, all will be celebrating, and welcoming the Year Of The Horse.

    According to the Chinese New Year, seagulls had their year in 1847.

    • balls187

      cool story bro

      • DwayneBozie

        Your welcome.

  • Jay Ess

    Boeing has been around well before the Seahawk’s inception and just now they do this? Bandwagon much PR team?

    • OkO

      The only other time the Seahawks have been to the superbowl was in 2005. In 2005 there were no airplane development programs going on requiring flight test airplanes. This means Boeing didn’t get an option to paint airplanes anything other than what the customer orders.
      Still…probably right though.

  • Ash

    This is so sad. Thought Boeing was from Chicago now?? Or Carolina or Kansas or any other town on the planet willing to give them anything they want. Now they jump on the workers side for a change. Give me a freakin break!!

  • Dave McLauchlan

    Actually, this aircraft is currently on a test flight, with the flight plan spelling out “12”. See progress here:

  • San Diego

    Out for a spin around WA., just wasting expensive jet fuel. I understand it was a test flight. 3.5 hours for a test flight? Sounds like Boeing employees were just out there to goof off.

  • Schmogie


  • hawkeye

    Seahawks need a freighter to bring back the Super Bowl bling from Jersey! GO HAWKS

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