windowsxpMicrosoft really wants people to stop using Windows XP.

The company launched a new promotion that offers XP users $100 off the purchase of a new PC that costs more than $599 through the Microsoft Store from now until June 15. Buyers will also get 90 days of free support and free data transfer from their old XP-powered PC.

Microsoft is ending support for XP, which has been around for more than a decade, in April. That means any security flaws found by attackers after that point won’t be patched, leaving users who are still clinging to their old computers open to attack.

For people who prefer in-person service, they can also trade in their old XP machine at a Microsoft retail store, where an employee will help them transfer their data on-site.

The company previously offered a $50 Microsoft Store gift card to switchers, but it seems like that offer didn’t quite do enough to spur sales. Now, users will be able to get a straight discount on their computer purchase. That’s good news for consumers who are avoiding a switch from XP because they’re worried about spending hundreds of dollars on a new PC.

Still, picking up a Windows 8 device could be a hard sell for people who have been using XP this whole time. Microsoft has changed the design of its operating system quite a bit since 2003, and using Windows 8 will take some getting used to.

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  • Christopher Budd

    I’m all for people getting off of Windows XP sooner than later. But increasing the rewards for switching the closer we get has an inadvertent effect of making it less likely people will switch sooner than later. It encourages people to wait to see if they’re going to continue to sweeten the pot as we get closer and closer. It would’ve been better to make a last and final offer once and be done with it.

    • errorneous

      what makes you think this isn’t the last and final offer? microsoft re-evaluated the value trade and decided the customer deserves a bit more for buying a $599 or better laptop/pc, and oh yea, trading familiarity for something new and quite unproven. that’s not even all that enticing an offer.

      • Christopher Budd

        That’s my point, there’s no way to know, so people are going to hang back and wait to see if it is or not.

  • Craig

    Still no mention of transferring programs. What good is my data, without the programs that read it?

    • MaslowK

      If you still have the original discs for your software (or keys if it’s downloaded), and the software is compatible with newer versions of Windows, it should be easy enough to just reinstall them. The biggest issue you might have is the software simply not being compatible (or just not available), which is more an issue with the software developer than Microsoft.

      I guess my question is, what would you propose Microsoft do to make the process easier in this respect?

    • Johnny Johnson

      Purchase a program that’s been published within the last 14 years?
      Let me guess – Corel Word Perfect and Weatherbug need to get moved?

      • Stumanaust

        There are plenty of ERP apps out there that will run quite fine on XP, but require multi-thousand $$ (or multi-million $$) back end upgrades to make them work. Considering that many of these apps have have thousands of hours of customisation done to them and the cost of moving to Windows 7, let alone 8 is one that many businesses simply can’t afford.

        • Jason

          It’s called Windows XP Mode. Please use it.

          • SeeScottRock

            64bit master race, amirite?

      • DFsdfsg

        Yeah, lets spend more money on something that isn’t needed that already was paid for and runs great on XP. Your logic, is awesome.

    • Onafets

      If you can, stick to a web based program so you don’t have to worry about anything local – just do it if you can. It’s hard to imagine, but eventually – it’s all going to be “in the clouds”. I know that some old applications don’t support this feature, but you may want to think about moving away from them onto a more solid platform that you don’t have to worry about.

      • Joshua Teks Fritz

        Until everyone has fiber optic to the door, gamers will never go fully cloud. They won’t want their graphics rendered somewhere else and then have to be transported to the machine already rendered. Which means the data for the rendering will have to be local as well. With new games pushing 50GB, it’s not happening soon.

        • Onafets

          Joshua – you are 100% correct. Was not talking about Gaming :). There is no way I want to render BF4, D3, GW2, Dota2 or all the other games I play on my GAMING PC – via streaming from the web (one needs to see what happened to onelive and sega to understand that). Shoot, can’t even get Twitch/YouTube to load up at times, none the less dealing with lag because it won’t render fast enough. When it comes to apps like Quicken, Office and email = go 100% web based. I mean, who uses a local email client these days – unless you are at work? All of my apps are on the web. I won’t even order hard copies of games, do everything via Steam – unless it’s a collectors packet that includes all the goodies (like D3 ROS that should arrive today) :)

      • *shrug*

        NSA really kicked that market in the teeth.. especially in the US.
        Any of your competitors have connections in government?
        Could have been the future.. If you could guarantee intellectual security.

  • Tim

    And what? Get a new PC with Windows 8.1? No thanks. $100 isn’t enough to use such a poorly designed user interface. Time to switch to Ubuntu or Mac.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Use the $100 credit to buy a new PC with Windows 8.1, format the drive, and install Ubuntu (or a better distro.)

      • Joshua Teks Fritz

        Gamer, can’t do it. Tried, not enough bad-ass games and using Wine is too crazy. I don’t want to learn coding to play my games.

        • Horcrux Yassavi

          Wine’s good, just takes a bit more config than on a native system. It’s really worth a shot though.

        • Aditya Raj Bhatt

          Coding? All it consists of is opening the terminal and typing

          “wine nameofgameexecutablefile.exe” eg.
          wine hl.exe

          That’s all. I play many windows-only games through wine, and all run perfectly. You may have at most, some issues with windows (_not_ Windows) and alt-tabbing, but apart from that, everything will be fine.

          Also, performance is almost equal to native Windows (equal in most games, in some *very* demanding ones, when played at full graphics, it lags)

    • webby_mc_webberson

      The simple solution to the problem of Windows 8 being crap is to google and install the following:

      windows 8 classic shell

      This changes the crap UI to make Windows 8 feel like Windows 7, which is a far superior operating system.

      • Lol

        Windows 8 far superior to Windows 7? Ha, good one. It’s 7 with a new GUI, which you just removed.

        • Joshua Teks Fritz

          For a gamer, it benchmarks %1-%11 faster on all specs. It’s just a pain to learn new interfaces.

        • you’re retarded

          Windows 8 has much better performance than 7. Do some research before spouting retarded opinions.

    • Joshua Teks Fritz

      OR a new PC and use the $100 towards windows 7. Windows 8.1 is awesome, I’m just too old to learn new tricks. It’s epic on the surface tablet, and is a really nice interface, they just changed the location of too many things a nerd uses.

    • ueber

      No, just order one with Windows 7. Retail computers suck anyway. Windows 9 is already around the corner folks. Just go Win7 for now.

    • Ham123

      You’re 100% correct. Returned 3 laptops with 8.1 that screws up extenal audio.

  • Anonymooser

    How about $100 to put toward Windows 7? lol. My mother’s computer is more than capable of running Windows 7 and 8, she needs a working operating system, not a new computer. If Windows stops supporting XP, I’ll just install Ubuntu on her machine. She doesn’t need it for anything beyond browsing and email anyway.

    • russell

      Preach it.

    • Joshua Teks Fritz

      Yeah, she’s not a gamer, so she won’t care. You’ll have to get a hacked app to run netflix, but other than that Ubuntu is the perfect “little old lady” system.

      • Aditya Raj Bhatt

        I object to the “little” :-)

  • Buzz Saw

    I have Windows 8 and will pay for a new operating system in Windows 7. Windows 8 is stable but it’s design has been badly executed.

    • webby_mc_webberson

      The simple solution to the problem of Windows 8 being crap is to google and install the following:

      windows 8 classic shell

      This overrides the crap UI and makes Windows 8 feel like Windows 7, which is a far superior operating system.

  • Mark

    It’d be nice if journalists could get basic facts right – Windows XP was released in 2001.

  • Marek Kot

    find book. @

  • Privat Privat

    For that price, why not just give away windows 8… and charge 20$ for pro.

  • Onafets

    It’s 2014. Windows XP came out in 2001 – the same year that the V92 modem was release by that well known company, US ROBOTICS (yeah, way back then)! MySpace wasn’t even release yet and today it’s barely on life support. It’s time to move on people. Again, it’s 2014. Now, I was a troubled adopter when I moved from Windows 7 to 8.1, but after after a few weeks I became more and more comfortable with the new OS. One quick tip, the Windows Key is your friend. It did take some time though and now the kids even figured it out. But, I was already and always an early adopter coming from Vista and Windows 7. Go ahead and stick to your Windows XP. Enjoy the benefits of the world wide web using IE8. I give it another few months before Facebook, YouTube, Amazon and the other top web sites stop supporting anything older than IE8. When that happens, you will have to purchase a new DESKTOP or tablet (which is what I recommend if you do not need a desktop). Simple recommendation, get Windows 7 or 8, Google Chrome to surf the web and you are all set (if you don’t have a tablet).

    • Joshua Teks Fritz

      Youtube already has problems on XP watching HTML 5 videos.

      • Onafets

        Yup – I use XP at work and can’t even get to gmail using IE8. XP gone in a few days. As a “PC tech” for friends and family, I won’t touch anything with Windows XP or Vista on it. I tell them to go to the store, get a new PC or get an iPad or similar tablet.

    • Alvaro Valencia

      I started in Dos 2.1. before I used IBM Main Frame using FORTRAN IV. Then they released the such called Windows graphic interface, just an icon did replace the command typing, and Windows 8 required command typing to run my old reliable W XP programs again?…..using now W XP and it is working perfect. why upgrade? it is fast, Google Chrome it si making W XP freat… I do not get what is Bill Gates point of view???? I think he si just a cheapoooo

  • Man of la Book

    Still waiting for the $10 Bill Gates owes me for forwarding his email in 1992…

    • Onafets

      We are waiting for Nigeria to accept the deposit in their bank since the “heir of a great fortune” died :)

    • Aditya Raj Bhatt

      I didn’t understand, but this sounds interesting. Could you please elaborate a bit?

      • Man of la Book

        It was an email SPAM that went around in the early 90s.
        “Forward this and Bill Gates will send you $10…”

  • John DuPont

    I installed Win 7 on one of my desktops then had to buy a new sound card as it wouldn’t work with new system..Will keep other computers running XP until they die..

    • Onafets

      How old is your sound card? I have not used a sound card in my gaming machine for the last 3/4 years…

  • MysterZero

    if they offered credit for a PC with Windows 7 installed, then I could see people buying a new PC.

    • Mik

      They did…. when Windows 7 released…..4 years ago.

  • sometimestheyaresomewhatright

    Or they can just buy a Mac. I run a Mac and also a PC with Windows 8. Windows 8 is the least favorite operating system I have ever run. It is stupid. Tiles are stupid. Nothing about it is intuitive. I sit there trying to figure out how to get where I want to go from where I am.

    The reason so many people still run XP is that they see all the trouble people have with Windows 8 and ask themselves, “Why would I want to get into that?”

    • Mike Schumann

      ^ This. I have two hackintoshes, one with dual-boot OSX/Win7 – OSX for every day and Windows for the few times I need it.

  • Mik

    Really? Everyone bitching about a $100 rebate?

    Microsoft doesn’t owe these people ANYTHING. Bunch of technophobes desperatly holding onto their aged operating systems, holding back innovation with their dilapidated machines. Crying afoul when a company they gave money to years ago no longer supports old software.

    • Nick Mordowanec

      But there is the little caveat that you have to purchase a computer that costs $599 more — and it has to be from the MS store. No thanks. I can go to Micro Center and get a PC for less than $400.

      • Mike Schumann

        Again, they don’t owe them anything. Computer technology moves forward quickly; if people want to use it, they need to keep up with it a bit quicker than 10+ years.

  • wobbles88

    I guess its time to build my parents a new computer.

  • fnf101

    SMH, Well decrease the HUGE price of Windows 8/Windows 7

    • Mike Schumann

      Mac OSX 10.9.2 is free – build a Hackintosh and enjoy all that is OSX. Or, get Ubuntu or another Linux distro, also free.

  • Alvaro Valencia

    It is a cheap offer, I may if they send me the puter totally free

  • FrankM

    Why not just drop the price of Windows 7 to $10 USD?

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