BlackBerry CEO John Chen
BlackBerry CEO John Chen

T-Mobile touched off a firestorm among faithful BlackBerry users when it sent an email letting them know that they could trade in their old handset for a brand new iPhone 5S with no down payment. After getting blasted on Twitter, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said that he had heard BlackBerry users “loud and clear.”

But for BlackBerry CEO John Chen, the fight isn’t over.

In a post on the company’s Inside BlackBerry blog entitled “BlackBerry’s Response to T-Mobile’s Anti-BlackBerry Campaign,” Chen said that the company was “outraged” over T-Mobile’s “clearly inappropriate and ill-conceived marketing promotion.” In addition, he was particularly incensed over the fact that T-Mobile didn’t tell BlackBerry it was going to run the promotion.

Chen has his back up against the wall, trying to right a rapidly sinking ship that is losing market share to Android, iOS and Windows Phone. But maybe it’s time for Chen to take a chill pill.

John Legere
John Legere

For one, Legere said that T-Mobile is going to support BlackBerry going forward. And what’s more, while Chen may be full of outrage, it’s not reasonable to expect T-Mobile to tell them about every marketing email the company sends.

Every remaining customer counts for BlackBerry at this point. But they’re better off worrying more about how they can make a phone that people want to buy, rather than feeling slighted by a marketing effort.

T-Mobile, for its part, is trying to play the peacemaker, saying in a statement to GeekWire that the company plans to offer free expedited shipping of BlackBerry devices. It also said that customer can still bring their unlocked BlackBerry phones to T-Mobile.

“We are happy to be a BlackBerry partner and apologize for any confusion,” the statement said.

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  • SuicideNinja

    Take my Blackberry. PLEASE! I hate it more than any phone I’ve ever had. Just waiting for corporate to clear out their remaining stock so I can get a WP8 phone or iPhone.

    • Bicycle My

      you should try the z30. you can getall the fart apps you want with their new update. it has amazing battery life too. dont sell yourself short. i use a z30 my gf an iphone 5 and id never switch. but if youre not tech saavy and dont like features then i can understand why youd use an iphone.

  • Georgie

    Can I buy an old model of blackbery for cheap and trade in for the iphone5? the math seems favorable to me which is most important.

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