iOS 8Apple released a pair of operating system updates today, one for iOS, and one for the Mac. Each update is designed to provide security fixes and patch a few minor annoyances on each platform.

iOS 7.1.2, the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system, is designed to improve connectivity and stability with iBeacons, Apple’s Bluetooth-based device tracking and communication protocol, and fixes a bug with data transfer and certain third-party devices including barcode scanners. In addition, Apple has fixed a problem with the security of Mail attachments.

IMG_1770It’s a fairly small update, clocking in at 32 MB on my iPhone 5S and 22 MB on my fourth-generation iPad. To get the update, users can go to Settings > General > Software Update and follow the prompts there, or plug their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a computer with iTunes.

OS X Mavericks has been updated to version 10.9.4, which fixes a bug that prevented some Macs from automatically connecting to known Wi-Fi networks.

In addition, the update improves how reliably users can wake a device from sleep, so users who occasionally ran into black screens when waking up their Macs should see improvement. The update also includes Safari 7.0.5, the latest version of Apple’s web browser.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.40.51 AM

To get that update, users must fire up the Mac App Store, and click on the Updates tab. It should appear automatically, alongside any other updates that are available for Apple software and Mac App Store apps. Fair warning, though: the update will require users to restart their computer.

Both of these updates are fairly minor, but still have the ability to cause problems with your computer or mobile device. As always, I recommend keeping a good backup on each device so that if something goes sideways, it won’t be the end of the world.

This will probably be one of the last updates either operating system will see. Earlier this month, Apple announced iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, which are upcoming revisions to each of its operating systems. If the company holds to past patterns, each OS will be released sometime this fall, probably in September and October, respectively.

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  • Barry R. Morgan

    This “fix” didn’t work for me on my iPhone 4 – took it to Apple Retail Store and the techs said that there was a problem with my iPhone hardware. They tried to restore from my latest backup on iTunes – got error message that says I must restore the iPhone before it can be used for iTunes. Techs Joey and Louie were nice enough, but said I would need Apple Support Agreement/Service or buy an upgrade. Pffffttt.. Called Verizon, they said I did not have extended warranty, so I would have to upgrade. So, nice going Apple – a forced upgrade for my iPhone 4. Genius indeed.

  • Samira

    I tried loading the upgrade on my iPhone 5, but after the phone turned off and back on, it’s been stuck on the progress bar for over 2 hours now. I have tried turning the phone off manually, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know what is going on?

    • Halltrimm

      Are you running on battery, or are you plugged into a socket, not a computer? How “full” is your phone? Is your, say, 16gb phone, 15gb full?

    • a6735961

      any progress with this?

    • tinz

      im having the same exact issue but with my ipad. and its not moved or made an progess for aboue 5 hours now. i have literally tried everything and nothing works. whats happening Apple?

    • Shay

      Samira, Did it ever get resolved? I should have read these posts before deciding to do the upgrade. My phone is currently stuck and I am wondering if I need to take it into the store or if it might resolve itself eventually.

  • Halltrimm

    Oooops! Sigh. Back to the days of waiting to update 2 weeks after an update comes out.

  • Alice

    What has iphone done now? I can’t access writing emails as usual. Nor can I trash from bottom of screen , plus there’s no icon for writing emails I have to go to the to: bar to reply what have you done !??!!

  • Alice

    Alice again I have an iphone 5s

  • Ramon

    Don’t worry my phone froze and I had to factory date my phone lost all my music and photos ugh

  • Rai

    I starred updating my iphone yesterday but updating stucks from yesterday, its been almost 12 hours, and it does not switch off and it is like hell.
    anyone help me…?

  • Jen

    I set it to update before I went to bed last night. Woke up with the plug into itunes screen. It’s now been downloading an update for about two hours, and says it could still be four hours. Ready to throw it out and buy a new phone because not having a working phone is frustrating, even for a period of a few hours.

  • Dllb

    Brand new Apple Mac , Two days of use – Crashed Black Screen , wouldn’t switch on – waited for hour , got back on all sorts problems faced me – Keychain chasing me every where I went plus other’s , managed to sort keychain out by be looking at Apple Forum’s – Laptop running slow and I mean slow – Evening’s worse couldn’t access Store’s plus several large site’s , after waiting to load only to find they Crashed –
    Two year Guarantee with large Department store – Apple Mac now in Hossie Umm – Well Only cost £1699.00 –

  • Kelly B

    Those of you still stuck, try a hard reset. It worked for mine, I didn’t lose anything, and it shows that I am up to date. I was stuck at just over half for 2+ hours updating my 4S.

    • Sandzee

      I updated yesterday 7.1.2 and my itunes log in is all messed up said i didn’t exist with my login and password so tried to reset it then it didn’t recognize my birth date. i created a new one with the same email address, which should have been a flag to itunes,;0( emails are not coming in and i get like 10 flashes of incorrect username password try again.
      So tried to go to Itunes and when i sign in with the new password and new but same email address. I get a message the information on this iphone is synceed with another user account. Do you want to sync this iphone with the information from this user account instead? I did not.

      how can i get my phone back to its settings and Icould is all messed up too. Phones a pain in my ass today. just goning to shut down till I can get some support guess Itunes took 4th of july off.


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