Lucas Brown, Peter Hamilton and Lee Brown of Tune
Lucas Brown, Peter Hamilton and Lee Brown of Tune

Seattle mobile analytics startup Tune has a new name, and a new distinction. It is the fastest growing privately-held company in Washington state, according to the recently published Inc. 500 list.

The company — initially bootstrapped by twin brother founders Lee and Lucas Brown — finished in the 88th spot on the prestigious list with 3-year revenue growth of 3,939 percent. The company recently changed its name from HasOffers to Tune, and opened a new office in Berlin. It posted revenue of $18.9 million in 2013.

This year, nine companies from Washington state made the list, more than half of which are in the tech industry.

In 2013, nine companies from Washington state made the list, led by Level 11 which finished in the 22nd spot. It is now ranked at #391. Here’s a look at the list for Washington state:


And here’s a look at the top companies in Oregon, which also had nine companies in the top 500.


Portland also has some top tech companies within striking distance of the 500 list, including Puppet Labs (#527) and Elemental Technologies (#538).

The No. 1 company on this year’s list is El Segundo, Calif.-based Fuhu, a maker of an Android tablet for kids. It showed 3-year revenue growth of 158,957 percent, and 2013 revenue of $195.6 million.

Editor’s note: Tune and Level 11 are GeekWire annual sponsors. 

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  • Dave

    Congrats to all on the list. I have always enjoyed the Inc. 500/5000 list. But the revenue growth % focus always makes the list seem pretty artificial to me, particularly as you get to the middle of the list. Over 1,000% growth to $2 or $5 million dollars is very impressive, but is largely a function of where you started. If you happened to have $500 of revenue on January 1 and you grow a ton, your growth rate % is massive.

    But I’d be more interested in the companies that went from $5 million to $20 million or from $20 million to $100 million without any acquisitions, even though they might not make the list. I do not know how you’d solve for that on the list but it would be great to see if one could get the information.

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