ps4If eBay resell stats count for anything, Sony has the upper hand over Microsoft in the latest console war.

According to Baird market analyst Colin Sebastian, there have been about 65,000 Playstation 4’s sold on eBay, compared to just 33,000 Xbox One’s.


Sony’s advantage over eBay may be due to the general lack of PS4’s at retailers. A quick look today at online stores shows the Xbox One certainly more available than the PS4.

Or, as Duxter CEO Adam Lieb notes, perhaps the eBay stats indicate how much people are liking the Xbox One:

Demand for both the PS4 and Xbox One has been sky high. Earlier this month, Microsoft and Sony announced — one week apart — that they had sold 2 million consoles globally, and both companies said they sold one million consoles within 24 hours when the devices debuted in November.


Hat tip VentureBeat

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  • Lonny

    It’s kind of hard to sell Xbox ones on ebay for profit when Microsoft is restocking them quite frequently. I’ve read plenty of articles that have stated there are way more xbox ones coming in to retailers then PS4’s.

    • Henry

      ok then tell me why xbox one is not selling more than ps4 at retailers?

      • Mat Barry

        You’re not making any sense at all. If they both sell at the same rate and one company makes more devices than another, it isn’t as simple as supply/demand. The xbox could sell the same amount yet have more on the shelves because there are just more out there.

        If sony only made 2.5 million units and microsoft made 4 million, more people will buy playstations on ebay because they can’t find them in stores.

        I can’t see why this matters anymore anyway, when fanboys will be fanboys and buy whatever they want, regardless of features and graphics…. and BOTH companies are selling boatloads of these while internet morons talk about there being some sort of “console war” like they own stock in either of the companies.

        Guess who won this already? Sony and Microsoft.

        Who lost?


  • Robin Davis

    Do not buy from your console off eBay!!

    Please check out my review of the PS4. Merry Christmas!!

  • Chris

    I am personally fed up of ebay , as a seller and a buyer , i feel neglected .

    I personally have started using , Bivver online auctions .

    Prices are cheaper , and i have sold a few things as well .

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