xboxonecurseBetter graphics aren’t the only way sports titles on the Xbox One are bringing video games and reality closer together.

In a video that’s both amazing and a little creepy, one gamer playing NBA 2K14 shows how he was given a technical foul after the Kinect heard him curse. In an actual NBA game, referees can hand out technicals if players swear excessively, and it looks like the same happens in NBA 2K14.

See for yourself below (Warning: due to foul language, the video is NSFW):

“Oh my God, that’s ridiculous — I can’t curse in my own house,” the gamer says after receiving a technical foul. “I spent $530 for an Xbox One and you’re going to penalize me?”

A few weeks ago, Microsoft began temporarily banning people from using the Upload Studio, which allows users to upload gameplay footage with commentary to their SkyDrive account, and share that footage with the world. According to Microsoft, it was because their language was foul.

But this is the first footage we’ve seen of someone being penalized during an actual game for swearing. A Reddit user noted a similar problem, but with FIFA 14 instead. The gamer received this notice while playing:


Based on some of the comments in the Reddit thread, gamers were noticing the same thing for games on the Playstation 4. It appears that the cursing-recognition is a feature you can turn off while playing in case you want to swear without penalty.

I know this would be a problem for me, as I don’t seem to finish an entire sports video game without cursing at least once.


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  • skunky pete

    that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Kyle

    This is nothing new, With the Kinect enabled on the Xbox 360. I would routinely get yellow cards or red cards from FIFA 13, because the system thought it was hearing foul language. Once i realized that i quickly unplugged the device.

  • Jason Farris

    To be fair, this is a feature which is put in by the game developers, and is supported on Xbox One, PlayStation4 and Xbox360. It existed before these consoles launched, it’s entirely optional and just for fun.

    • Michael Hazell

      The thought of putting that kind of garbage into games is stupid to begin with. Instantly not buying any more sports games, period.

      • Timothy Collins

        Well, unless I am incorrect (And I might be), coaches aren’t allowed to use that language in games in real life – it results in a penalty. If players keep on asking for more and more realistic sports games experiences, then this is part of that… I’m not sure what the problem here is. It can be turned off if you want to remove that part of the realism after all.

        • Michael Hazell

          You could be right, but that wasn’t really the point :). Even though it makes the video games more realistic, that kind of feature shouldn’t really be enabled by default. People should be allowed to say what they want in their own house, without any inconvenience.

          • Timothy Collins

            Probably not enabled by default… It probably ought to be a setting for the harder playthroughs.

  • Nel Arrancar

    Colorful Language?

  • zainfazal3000

    Can’t you just unplug it if you want to swear?

  • Thebes de Hippie

    Anyone care to wager on whether these consoles are also listening for users “taking bong hits” and forwarding the information (for a profitable fee) to the DEA or other “Law Enforcement Agencies”?

  • Andrea

    i think next gen consoles should have that feature for rated M games….you can play games like assassins creed without hearing bad language or blood. Wonderful feature for parents! :D

    • Anonymous

      Kill yourself

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