scroogled12First it was Google Shopping, then Gmail, and now, Microsoft’s latest attack on Google comes in the form of Android privacy issues.

As part of its “Scroogled,” campaign, Microsoft today launched a new barrage that accuses Google’s handling of user data when purchasing an app from the Google Play Store.

In hopes of convincing users to switch to Bing and Windows Phone, the Redmond software giant produced two videos and multiple web pages showing how, without notice, Google provides the name, email address, and neighborhood of users who buy apps on Google Play.

scroogledandroid“Unlike Google, Windows Phone Store doesn’t share your personal information with app makers,” one video says. “Don’t get Scroogled.”

It appeared Microsoft was done with its “Scroogled” campaign last month, but the company refuted those reports and said that “Scroogled will go on as long as Google keeps Scroogling people.” That’s been made clear with today’s new campaign.

The latest numbers show Google leading the pack with 51.7 percent of the U.S. smartphone marketshare, while Microsoft is in a distant fourth place with just 3.2 percent. Meanwhile in the search engine world, Google has 67.5 percent of the U.S. market, with Microsoft second at 16.7 percent.

Last February, GeekWire’s Todd Bishop penned a post that discussed Microsoft’s attack on Gmail, writing that “the ads feel a lot like those endless election campaigns full of not-quite-complete information designed to motivate us based on our fears.”


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  • guest

    Nothing about this ad motivates me to try MS. Instead it just comes off as a FUD campaign because MS has been unable to out innovate or out market Google. Nine billion a year in R&D and this is the best MS can do under Ballmer? Sad.

  • VL

    Lol the Google Maps Car makes a cameo. And where does Bing get their streetside photos from?


    Glasses houses. Stone throwing. You get the picture.

  • Chris

    Wow, that is a bad ad. The whole app store privacy thing seems like something people might care about in the abstract (like if you asked them on a survey) but not in the real world when they are actually downloading the apps.

    It doesn’t help that the ad plays off the “consequences” of this in a non-serious way and the female actor is so non-convincing.

  • Bob Underdown

    At least the Google Play Store has apps I’d actually want to use. I have Windows 8 on one of my Laptop and most of the few MS apps there are deeply suck. There’s no way I’d EVER touch a MS phone or tablet!

  • Chrissy Ganzel

    You say that now.. As did I.. and still love their apps.. HOWEVER, 4
    days ago after purchasing an app from the Google Play Store, My credit
    Card info was stolen and they attempted to buy and airline ticket..
    Thank God my credit card company was able to catch the strange activity
    in time to stop it and contact me within 15 minutes.. And I’ve always
    been a huge Google fan.. But.. AGAIN, have you checked your spam box
    lately?? Notice that all the sudden you have “Spam” from ppl that are in
    your contacts but the email addresses are REAL SPAM?? Sorry but we’re
    being SCROOGLE!! I couldn’t agree more with them and I hate saying it
    but it’s the truth.. protect yourself

  • rtt43wfrwer1

    Yes we are perhaps scroogled but MS wants us to be MSoogled instead? No Way!

    • Chrissy Ganzel

      let me know when Microsoft was ever responsible for thousands of customers being victims of identity theft/credit card info stolen… And if they were; compare the numbers & I’m willing to bet Google got them beat by a long shot.. Google isn’t just known for stealing your info just to spam you. o_0 & it’s ashame.. because it was never like this back in the day :(

      • Cory Ducey

        Seriously? Key loggers, Trojan, etc? MS was the granddaddy of a place for identity theft.

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