Yep, it's the Xbox 360 dashboard inside of the Xbox One dashboard. Trippy!
Yep, it’s the Xbox 360 dashboard inside of the Xbox One dashboard. Trippy!

Update, June 15, 2015: At the annual E3 video game conference, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be able to natively play Xbox 360 games — making its newest console backward-compatible with titles originally created for the Xbox 360.

Original post: Xbox 360 games are certainly not compatible with your Xbox One, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to play your favorite 360 titles on Microsoft’s new console.

That’s our HDMI cable from the Xbox 360 going into the HDMI input port on the Xbox One, which allows us to play Xbox 360 titles using the Xbox One.

The HDMI input port on the Xbox One is really meant to feed your cable or satellite connection to the console, allowing you to watch live TV easily. However, you can manipulate the process by feeding a connection not from your cable, but rather from another console.

By simply connecting one end of an HDMI cord to the Xbox 360 and the other end to the Xbox One’s HDMI input port, you can play 360 games from the Xbox One.

So, when you say “Xbox, Watch TV,” it will take you into the Xbox 360 game rather than a TV feed. This actually works for any HDMI-compliant device (PS4, Wii U), and we demonstrate in the video below both with an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 3.

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You can also use the new “Snap,” feature while playing an Xbox 360 game, just like you can when watching TV on the Xbox One. That means you can say, “Xbox, Snap Internet Explorer,” or, “Xbox, Snap TED,” while using the 360, and play Halo 4 while accessing an Xbox One app.

You can play an Xbox 360 game and “Snap” an Xbox One app at the same time.

While relatively useless, you can also play an Xbox One game and an Xbox 360/PS3/PS4/Wii U game at the same time, if you wish. When you say, “Xbox, Snap TV,” you’ll get your 360 game in the right corner.

Playing Forza Motorsport 5 on the Xbox One, and Halo 4 on the Xbox 360 at the same time.
Playing Forza Motorsport 5 on the Xbox One, and Halo 4 on the Xbox 360 at the same time.

However, the non-Xbox One “snapped” game definitely lags — this is something Microsoft has actually already addressed. But when I tried out both Halo 4 and FIFA in non-Snap mode, there was absolutely no lag and the picture quality was fine.

Here’s a video explaining all of this:

The Xbox One hit shelves today at midnight. Check out our initial review of the console here.

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  • Xbox guy

    Can the Xbox One controller be used to play Xbox 360 games?

    • ALEX7DX

      No, sorry.

      • Nathan

        So, basically, you are **NOT** able to play an xbox 360 game on the xbox one at all – just route the picture through the xbox one and back onto the same TV the 360 would normally use anyways – with the tiny benefit of being able to snap xbox one stuff to it.

        Plus you are using more electricity to operate two consoles for one game, using two controllers to operate it (switching back-and-forth), signing into xbox live twice for no real reason, and probably heaps more silly reasons.

        The ONLY thing I can think of that would be handy would be using the xbox one to record the gameplay – if you can do that at all, seeing as the xbox one would think it’s just a TV/cable signal and not an actual game being played.

        This whole thing just seems dumb.

        • Kelderic

          Just a misleading title to get more viewers. And it worked.

        • mike


          • literally why stfu

            >>being 12 and thinking you’re the shit

          • Suzy Rose

            Kids will be kids

          • Jordan royal


        • Josh Meckel

          Yeah, one of the dumbest articles on the internet :( It really should be deleted!

          • Devin Burnes

            All of you guys failed to check out the linked article from the first sentence. They are implementing backwards compatibility.

            “More than 100 titles will be available for backward-compatibility this holiday, with hundreds more available after that, the company says.”

            Source –

          • Josh Meckel

            Dude, that was news as of this morning, June 15th 2015. This article is almost 2 years old, from November 2013. So for almost 2 full years this article has been 100% bull shit. Now today it actually makes some sense. Please read fully before you start flaming.

  • Bob_Lees

    Just what I need, more stuff piled up around the TV.

    It doesn’t sound like you’re using the One to play 360 games, you’re just running the 360 through the One and playing 360 games on your 360.

    It’s a workaround sure, but with a single HDMI input it’s sounds like it could quickly become a pretty good PITA if you want to run cable through the One.

  • B

    This is very misleading. Please refrain from sensationalizing your titles, don’t become techcrunch.

  • JohnnyNY

    That stinks. I don’t want two gaming systems on my already crowded TV stand. And I certainly don’t want to take the monetary loss from all the years of buying 360 games by trading them in or selling them to game stores for a crumby return. I spent thousands on the 360 system. Where’s the reward for my years of loyalty to this system? This was poorly thought out by Xbox.

    • zainfazal3000

      The system just came out.. Give it some time.. They still need to work out a lot of kinks in the hardware.

      • JasonDhalle

        Maybe companies shouldn’t release products before the kinks are worked out.

        • zainfazal3000

          Every console has kinks to work out. PS4 has it’s own issues. The Wii U had issues to. Consoles are extremely complex things and if they tried to work every single kink. The damn things would never come out!

          • smith

            None of these next-gen consoles will come out with a ported version unless the respective companies think they can make money from it. So there are no kinks to work out. They will most likely never release an emulator either. For people who like to play older games you will need to keep your 360.

          • Todesjaeger

            One of the reasons I didn’t buy an Xbox One. I have too many games to scrap them all and get a new system. This work around is just passing through the HDMI signal. You have to use the 360 controller. Think Microsoft screwed the pooch on this one.

          • Luke Skywalker

            ‘Extremely complex’ maybe to you or I but to the highly paid programmers and engineers it shouldn’t be an issue. These ‘kinks’ are what they were educated and are now paid (very well) to overcome. So.. overcome them and release the product. People who have had issues aren’t running the xbox in any kind of extreme conditions or for unruly lengths of time, so why are there issues? If it has been designed to function in a certain way, it should. Its as simple as that really. Personally I don’t think we were crying out for a new console anyway, an added six months maybe a year to work out all the bugs would have been fine.

          • J.T.

            Unless you are designing software which cannot fail (ie: flying airplanes), all software has bugs. It’s the nature of the business. It would cost too much money to work out all the issues before software is released. The goal is to minimize the severity of the issues, so that the bugs are as minimal/low impact as possible.

          • yesmar

            the Wii U isn’t a console HAHAHAHA

          • Gamer

            Are you an idiot or does it just come naturally

          • gamerdad

            My son is using this method to chat with his friends who are still using xbox360. As they seem to disconnected a lot. It was a pain switching the TV input every time just to get his friends back in the party. Now using my account on the 360 he can keep in touch but still enjoy his new one

          • Bobrules12

            The wii u is a console don’t be stupid and go get a life Xbox one has no kinks and they said it WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PLAY XBOX 360 GAMES. they changed the encription on the new disks!

          • cjwills990

            Yes but if the “old” consoles can read a disk and compute the game, then why can’t new consoles read those disks? Blu-ray DVD players read regular DVD’s, why can’t you teach new consoles old tricks?

          • dUb

            Example: half life 3

          • jackson

            you dumb.

        • Robert Bruce Banner

          actually “zainfazal3000″ does not know what he or she is talking about. This was not a question about working out kinks. Compatibility with a previous system is such a major part of the design that it is always a planned decision; Microsoft chose to make XBox One incompatible with XBox 360.

      • Joe

        not playing 360 games is no kink, its by design to force players to buy new games. Very greeding practice by microsoft. My 360 red ringed and im stuck choosing to buy a now out of date system or buy a new system that wont play any of the games ive already bought. pretty crappy choice, i think ill take option 3 and say fuck microsoft and sell my 360 games and buy a ps4

        • Thegreatmrt

          You do realize the ps4 isnt backwards compatible, right? So you jumped to the conclusion its always microsoft and all they want is your money, etc. So jumping to the ps4 wont change anything, you would still have to buy their games anyways. So youre basically bitching about something and then saying/turning around that same thing lol. At least with xbox you can at least play through xbox one, but in your case with the broken console that doesnt work for you.

          • Christopher Martin

            Actually yes it is, PS4 specifically made sure you could stream PS3 games from it’s network, to spite Microsoft and one up them in sales for backwards compatibility. So any game you have purchased for the PS3, You can Play/Stream from the PSN network for PS4. (As long as you have the key’s and or purchased it from the network. You can also Port PS3 games over to the PS4 for a nominal fee which Sony Entertainment “Playstation” charges (I think it’s like 10$)..

          • Nara

            You realize that only select games can be ported over right? i.e Ghosts, Black Flag, pretty much any release title that has a PS3 version. Furthermore, PS Now, or whatever it’s called, is bullshit. That means if I bought say, The Last of Us for PS3, that means I’d have to for it all over again using their streaming service which is like Netflix for video games. Since it’s a streaming service, will you even be able to own the game? That’s bullshit, why should I or anyone else have to pay the play a game we’ve already payed for once?

          • J. Hancock

            … sony plans on using cloud servers to stream ps3 games if you have PS Now, so your comment is invalid

      • yesmar

        PS3 didn’t have reverse compatibility right away

        • Theone1990

          The first PS3 models played ps2 games…

    • Junky4fame45

      Believe me, I’m just as annoyed as you are, but people keep acting as if just because technology has advanced, companies should change their ways and that every thing should magically be compatible. When the Nintendo 64 came out, did anyone really expect it to play their Super Nintendo games? Things just don’t work out like that. And to be fair, Microsoft could probably make the Xbox One backwards compatible, but they’d also probably lose a lot of money by doing so. And Microsoft is a business before a provider; sony and Nintendo are too. If it’s really gonna kill you that much, just buy a computer and upgrade it every few years. It will probably be backwards compatible for as many years as you play.

      • Manny Borges

        That analogy doesn’t work because todays consoles, and this on in particular do not need to be hardware bound because of virtualization technology, something Micosoft knows a whole heck of a lot about. And where hardware cannot be avoided, they share a common media platform.

        There is really no excuse for having a soft emulator in there.

      • Joel S Wilson

        if Microsoft was A provider then every thing you would be sold even you files that you have – as in your files names – documents – if you wrote A book in A Microsoft cloud server they own it not you and they found it – they can collect the works on it – they provided the software & the space for it while it made – end the end they own your files – it even says it when you sighs up

    • Ben Fletcher

      Your unwillingness to have two gaming systems on your TV stand is your own choice; don’t complain just because they made the fundamental choice to return the Xbox to its roots as an x86 based system.

      • Manny Borges

        No, it’s not a choice, its a desire. And it’s a reasonable desire, given the hardware in the One and the ability to load a virtual 360 OS with hardware emulation. Microsoft is trying hard to compete with the other virtualization companies with Hyper V tech, and they blew a great opportunity to showcase their abilities.

    • George O’Neill

      I agree 100% , seriously it should be backwards compatible with 360 games considering how many title were released within the last year that are very popular titles, microsoft already bit the big one with the price of $499 for the xbox one with sony selling their ps4 at $399 , but in my opinion both systems are flawed because of the fact they are not able to play games from their predecessor, look at GTA it is one of the biggest franchises around and you can’t play it on a xbox one or a ps4 , what a joke, I am not buying either system anytime soon, too flipping high for what they are, not worth the price, I’ll wait

    • Ajs@360

      i agree with you dude i have over 100 games for 360 and i was thinking about getting and xbox one but alot of the games i have wont come out for the one so

    • BliTzer

      I agree. Xbox should have considered making a way that at least a few top titles were allowed to work on the One. But looking back on the past ALL gaming companies have screwed us over several times. Sega dreamcaster, 1st PlayStation, 1st Xbox, I think Nintendo was the only gaming console were compatibility between the 64 & 128 there were minor conflicts, (been awhile really can’t remember details). Johnny your right and it sucks. PC is really the only true gaming system where the occasional update is needed. IE) ram, video card-sli systems, make damn sure you stay away from integrated mb’s.intergrated sound card you can work around. Anyway 100’s of 360 games sitting next to me waiting to be played.
      Peace.. BliTzer ^_^

    • Tupac Shakur

      Quit crying and pay. They gotta make their money so they can continue to make amazing products. I swear people always find something to bitch about or get something free. GET UP OFF YOUR ASS AND GET A JOB AND PAY FOR YOUR SHIT!! They are a business.. They have to make their money. It they did that for everyone , they wouldn’t be making millions . Someone obviously has no business knowledge

  • Dan

    I saw the headline, got excited, then read the article and learned it was all a lie.

  • zainfazal3000

    It works… but it’s not perfect when i boot up the 360 it freezes for a bit before going to the dashboard which is really annoying. Unitl they fix it, I am not using this feature.

    • freewiiuuuu

      You have nothing else to use. Use the One and Snap, or just use the 360 and ‘Deal With It’.

    • Alex Court

      If you turn off auto detect on you Xbox 360 video settings it will solve this issue, the Xbox 360 can not detect the display through the Xbox one so takes awhile, once you have turned off the settings manually select the settings you require for the display and it will boot up fine :-)

      • zainfazal3000

        how to do i access video settings?

        • Megapril


  • Afr0

    If you have an Xbox One, can you play with someone that has a Xbox360? Example:Call of duty ghosts

    • AJ


    • DelendasEstCartago

      That’s why Im not buying it until they make a compatibility with the 360 console and the one plus accepting the 360 games. I have lots of 360 games and I love them, I always play them even if they are old.

      • Storcut

        Well I guess you will Never buy it then. 360 games themselves will not ever be able to be played on an Xbox one… It is a completely different architecture, hence it will not support them… EVER! I assume they will do some sort of emulation like PS will and they will be available (for a fee) via the cloud.

        • Lucky

          I’m sure they can make it work. When i first got xbox 360 i couldn’t play “XBOX” games on it until I logged into xbox live where it downloaded something to make the xbox games work on xbox 360.

          • Dennis Leboeuf

            what is that thing called?

          • BliTzer

            Yep & a lot of games are compatible. They will do the same thing with the 360/one but not right now. When sales peak then topple then and only then after a new console/unit comes out that rivals all, then a patch will come out for a buck two fifty allowing the 360/one to become married and problem solved, right? Wrong! problem starts all over again when in the not TO far future a unit is made that is NOT compatible with any of the Xbox consoles. No TV is needed, no monitor of any type is needed. When you approach the unit it confirms your identity quietly & the sitrep within your house is monitored live updating you on any environment of your surroundings that you Allow. All while gaming, watching media of your choosing. With Microsoft having there own media satellites in space (look at who Microsoft & google are buying) systems all linked up together around the world, sharing data, uploading, downloading, scanning, household information, all of that linked as one, is very very powerful!

          • trey

            I think it should work

        • Christopher Martin

          Lol, thats bullshit man, I can play nintendo games on my PC, they are ENTIRELY different hardware and architecture.

          It’s called an Emulator. And you can play anything on any platform reguardless of architecture.

          This is 100% microsoft trying to scam people into paying more money for things they already own. It’s why PS4 outsold Microsoft by over 1 Million Consoles. Because at least SONY has backwards compateble “Streaming”, And they are all about games games games.

          Honestly though I would buy an Xbox one if I could play Halo 4 and GTA 5 on it. But that’s the only way most likely unless they reduce the price to like $299.00

          • Nara

            Please, what Sony calls “backwards compatibility” is bullshit too. Any physical PS3 games you have are useless. You have to pay for a streaming service, which isn’t even out yet, in order to play PS3 games. Why should anyone have to pay for a service just to play a game they already spent $60 bucks for? Sony is about money too, they’re just more covert about it.

          • Mike P.

            Don’t bother, the guys an idiot. It’s unbelievable how stupid the community is on the internet these days – any form of rational discussion is completely out the window. Logic is never applied, nor will they ever begin to show any sign of intelligence.

            It’s easiest to stay away from blogs that start flame wars, and don’t look at the comments sections because they are filled with absolutely imbeciles.

          • JoshFarc

            You are all a bunch of flamers, lmao seriously.

            PS4 charges MONEY to STREAM PS3 games?

            Xbox One has already announced in it’s August Patch it’s working on an EMULATOR for backwards compatibility, but what you fail to realize is coding a HD Emulator that uses hundreds of languages to code and has thousands of games to be compatible with is very hard to create. Now if they wanted to make a SNES or NES or even N64 Emulator it would run fine. BUt oh yea, Wii U SELLS all the older gen games for $5 online so they are in the money too.

            Sony PS4 cost the same as the Xbox One but has no Kinect, both systems require you to pay for an online service (one is good one is great… LIVE), and I’m pretty sure if I went to go buy the new UFC game it would be 60$ on PS4 and One.

            And you actually used that POS Xbox 360 Emulator that played Xbox games at 480i at like 20fps? That was such an awful Emulator and was compatible with 20 games to start with, expanding to a few hundred only (out of thousands and thousands). It’s really not that easy “Mr. Genius Know it All”.

            Seeing how the One has Xbox Live OS, as well as Windows 8+ OS (Operating System), and then it has a THIRD OS that combines the two languages (Live and Windows 8.1) and it’s a very complex matter coding and creating for it. Why do you think everything has been delayed so badly? Why do you think there have been issues? You people are a joke.

            I love both systems too, but some people are just blind, and I’m talking to the guy that think Xbox just tries to make money and Sony is nothing like that….

            Do you really think any brand console is going to offer FREE homebrew Emulation of classic games? Let me know when Sony allows you to flawlessly play your PS3, PS2, and PS1 games all on the PS4 with a genius emulator that not only improves the mediocre graphics of the games but utilizes the hardware, platform, and video card and ram to run at 60fps and at 60hz…… oh wait, it’s nearly impossible.

            Don’t talk unless you know what you’re talking about. The fact you bring up the 360 Emulator is enough proof that you should know it was pretty awful. I remember Fable on the 360 ran at 20 frames per second, had glitches and froze all the time. It also would often not play games that it said it “supported”.

            PS: “You have all these games and you don’t have a console to play them on”? Are you 10? Did you seriously not keep your PS3 when you got the PS4? If so you are way more special than I originally thought.

          • beery

            You being a prime example.

          • Randy Hayes

            Understand one thing the companies are ALL about money.We can argue forever if one systems games can be played on a different system but the fact is the company has to al;low it to happen and will only do so if and when they can make money from it.$$$$$$$$ is what it’s all about.Right or wrong that’s the way it is.

  • Jon Froiland

    So the whole point of this article is, you can’t play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

  • 123456ty

    Is there any way to do this with the older Xbox 360’s, say the elites, which didn’t have hdmi?

    • ShMiXeR

      component to hdmi cable converter

      • 123456ty

        Oops, nevermind. Realized the HDMI is hidden under the component output.

    • bobsagtsdog

      As an elite owner myself, i can guarantee you you can’t do jack diddly with it other than plug it into a component tv, unles you own about exactly 55,275 cables and adapters.

  • Sup

    Could you play online on the xbox 360 with the HDMI cable idea

  • Alex Chaffee

    I just tried this, and I couldn’t *sign in* to XBox Live on both consoles simultaneously. Got any workaround for this? Does it work for anyone else?

    • bob

      I was able to sign in on both.

    • Bayside

      I can sign into both. I’ve been doing it since launch night (though that night my 360 froze like 3 times over about 2 hours). Last night though it didn’t freeze in the 3hours it was on. I’m doing it since nobody I know has XB1 and I can’t cross chat with them.

  • Need answer

    So have you guys found any problem if xbox one? Like overheating, disc scratch something like that.

    • Bayside

      Mine is fine, it gets warm but vents from the sides, top, and I think even back. Look up the teardown video. They put a huge fan on the CPU

  • Aj

    This is by far the most useless article I have read in my life.

    • DelendasEstCartago

      This is completely awkward, I dont know what I hate the most, this false article or being unable of playing my 360 games on the one.

      • Mike P.

        Do you also hate that you couldn’t play your SNES games on your NES? Your SNES games on your N64? Your N64 games on your Gamecube? Your PS1 games on your PS3? Your PS3 games on your PS4? Complain about something valid. Start a decent conversation. It’s how consoles work 90% of the time. Keep your 360 and when you’re ready to buy a new console, then buy one. You’re complaining about something completely arbitrary.

        • DelendasEstCartago

          Pal, for $500 it should play even sega Saturn lol! Its not complaining it is not being a tamed sheep and accept anything this big companies do to take your money. They do this only to make you buy their stuff, even after they asked a big pile of money already.

        • DelendasEstCartago

          Buddy, If I’m going to pay $500 dollars for something, it better worth it, since the 360 has backward compatibility the One should has it too, since the success on tons of 360 games, that lots of people still play. But probably you don’t care because you momma still pays your stuff. If expressing your points of view is not valid, your opinion is not valid either for me. If I pay, and in this case is a lot, I have totally right to demand a quality product with the features I want or need.

      • JoshFarc

        Give Microsoft some time… they’re still working on the main Xbox Live integration and player integration still (thus the July update, June update, May update, etc). They have been improving the interface a lot lately. Soon (4-5 months) there will be plenty of games to play on the One and PS4 via new games coming out and new games coming out on their online services to play.

        I’m sure once certain companies and programmers have time to start new projects they will at least take some of the best Xbox 360 games and Dreamcast, etc, and let you buy them for a decent price and play them on the Xbox One. I’m sure they’ll release all the greatest hits from 360 and even tweak them up.

        Like on the 360 right now… Fable Xbox One disc always sucked being played on the 360, awful emulator. But they just released a brand new HD Upgraded version of the original Fable you can download and play with even more content than ever before (yes it costs money like most games, 20 bucks OMG).

        I’m just glad I knew I should keep my 360 (and ALL my old consoles) because of so many games I own that are fun to play on it, as well as all the games on the Hard-Drive only… trade it in for a ripoff or keep it… HMMMMM….

        By the way MikeP, Sony and Microsoft are COMPANIES that can’t just choose to emulate SNES for you. They don’t have the rights to do so. That’s why the Wii U has them all. Xbox One’s only problem is it was released about 6-8 months to early, haha, and PS4 about 2 months to early.

  • Trevor

    Is there sound

    • Mike P.

      No, the Xbox One does not support sound.

  • John

    can the xbox one play someone online with someone with an xbox 360?

    • Bayside


  • iamthebomb17

    Lame. Xbox is a garbage console

    • Sean Hutchinson

      so is ps4

      • iamthebomb17

        PS4 is better than the Xbox though lmfao. No denying it, xtwat.

        • Sean Hutchinson

          lmao you wish buddy…

          • iamthebomb17

            There is no wishing. Xbox is a piece of shit with NO GAMES.

          • Dino

            If that’s true why is your lame ass here to hate? Everyone has their own consoles they like and you sound like a kid who starts an argument cause they are lonely. Calm your tits and go to you PS4king shit.

          • Manny Borges

            Because that’s what your mommy and daddy bought you ;)
            ? Come back when you have something to shave.

          • Sean Hutchinson

            HAHAH!! thanks for laugh…..

          • Sean Hutchinson

            HAHAHA!!! thanks for the laugh…..

          • Sean Hutchinson

            HAHAH!!! thanks for the laugh……

  • Chris

    basically we need to QQ more until they throw a HUGE update at us on the Xbox One

  • Nick

    Starting to like the idea of getting the next gen console a bit more now

  • DelendasEstCartago

    What an useless and misguiding article, the one is not really playing the game.

  • Apples

    I mainly want to be able to chat with those on the 360… why oh why did they not do this.

  • ColoMark

    This is excellent news because I use Windows Media Center functionality through the 360. So the 360 can be my cable box. Playing my old games through the Xbone will just be gravy.

  • Jawilium Holmes

    This is no different than just changing your input on a TV.

    • Nathan J. Bartels

      It saves an input on your tv, so you don’t have to use one each for both consoles.

      • guest

        That should be name of article, lol

  • coldfusion167

    I’ve heard that the lag is pretty bad. IGN ran an article on playing Wii U games through the Xbox One HDMI pass through and the lag was very apparent.

  • Ezra

    This has a terrible headline. Absolutely misleading. You that desperate for clicks Taylor?

  • David

    I agree, the nature of the question is whether you can play the 360 game using the One and, unfortunately, the answer in ‘no’. But the One looks cool though.

  • Bayside

    Or just plug it into another HDMI port! LOL. Since launch night I’ve had my 360 in HDMI 1 and XB1 in HDMI 2. Both logged in and running at the same time since there is no 360 to XB1 party chat and everybody I know is still on 360 which sucks. They need to patch this. I don’t believe the better audio codec for chat is the reason, they are just wanting everybody to switch.

  • Latka Gravas

    “LIAR, LIAR”

  • Dubya

    Thank you Love the pic with the white arrow pointing to the very cable,Thats the kinda info i was looking for. Fantastic :-)

  • Kevin G. Brown

    I think that not making 360 games compatible with xbox one is a HUGE “slap in the face” from Microsoft. Especially with the release of GTA 5 so close to the xbox one release. So those people who perhaps got an xbox one as a gift AFTER the release now have to purchase the game a second time when or if it becomes available. Not cool microsoft.

    • zainfazal3000

      Both systems use different architecture. That is why 360 games are not compatible with XB1 360 uses Power PC XB1 uses X86 it was simply a design and developer choice. I don’t think there was any real malicious intent behind it. There are benefits to using X86. PS4, XB1 and PC all have the same architecture that means porting games between each other will be fast and quick. No more gimped ports, no more waiting for one version to finish because it’s taking more time to port it over. All 3 versions can be released at the same time.

      • James Cornwell

        so you mean to tell me that that makes it ok!?!?!? This is Microsoft, you would think they could figure out a way to incorporate the 360 tech into the new system!!! No excuses, this is bad business!!!!

    • Stephen V.

      Completely agree. At a time when society is tired of being jacked around by corporate greed, Microsoft decides to give the middle finger to folks who have had xbox 360 and tons of games and DLC for the last 7 years by not allowing those older games to work upon the Xbox One. Great timing idiots! Now I know why my stock has been going nowhere for years! I guess I will skip buying Xbox One until the next upgrade after that one when they realize it’s better to adapt older games.

  • DavidM

    IMHO the whole concept of Xbox One should have been different from the start. How can it possibly be NOT compatible with the previous game releases? So Microsoft’s take here is this: you want me to invest another few $K into the whole new system AND keep the old one… because all my progress in Halo4 and Fitness Evolved just doesn’t matter…. Plus all those who say maybe companies shouldn’t really be releasing half-launch-ready products: YOU ARE COMPLETELY RIGHT! Come on, with all the advanced technology at our disposal we can do better than THIS!


    What kind of trash are you promoting? Please change your title because you ARE NOT playing a 360 game ON Xbox One. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Kathleen

    I have xbox360. Will I be able to play online with people on the xbox one?

  • Joe

    When you play xbox 360 games on xbox one do you use the xbox 360 controller or xbox one

  • SMAR

    The Reason they do this is so thy can make money they wouldn’t be making any money, say someone bought call of duty ghosts for x box 360 not x box one they they bye x box 1 then x box does that so they’ll end up buying it for xbox 1

  • JT Jones

    Absolutely no lag? Have you ever even seen input lag? There is certainly lag when playing another game console through the Xbox One’s hdmi in.

  • shom

    would microsoft, make a newer xbox one, so you can play xbox 360 games? or i have to buy the same them game? :(


    CRAP! I might as well just plug my old 360 into my tv and use it that way..its really no different and you wont have the lag issues that you outline. King of a crappy title to post when you are not actually playing a 360 game on Xbox one!!!!!!

  • Josh Palmer

    Youre a moron. If you get paid to write this shit someone needs to give me a call. Cause I know I can write this caliber of stupidity. Youre a dumbass. And need a good beating.

  • Bunky

    Today Obama said: “if you like your xbox 360 games, you can keep it on xbox one.”

  • Harsha

    This is the first time I am reading an article on this domain, and only because it showed up on my google search result. Your reasoning (when you say “Yes, you can:”) is so asinine I can never visit your site again either consciously or otherwise. Good day.

  • chuy

    this must be seen!

  • deepdark

    You can indeed play your 360 games on the XB One! Just found this facebook page:

  • xbooxfanbooyy

    You guys still havent heard of the unlock available? My friends have done it and theyve all said it works.

  • John Leed

    here is another great way of making your Xbox backwards compatible

    • Binary_Bob


  • Err Peepo

    It’s because of people like you that the world is the way it is today. You could have just said “Take a picture of your XBOX One, print it, then place it in front of your XBOX 360″; and I at least would have found it funny.
    I hope you don’t get paid for writing this crap, I would not give you a dime if I owned this website.

  • Cely

    Can we see cd movies on xb1

  • Buggy_Tim

    This is a stupid article. You are not playing 360 games on a one.

  • chris8bit

    by that logic my tv can play xbox games!

  • O. S

    What a stupid post. So in order to play 360 games using the One, You Will Need: 1 x XBox 360…. IDIOTS.
    This is achieved just as well by hot-swapping the HDMI cable to your TV screen.

  • fongy74

    What is the point? If you want to play your 360 games then use the 360 console,slaving it through the XB 1 is pointless and for their price to risky.If your going to try and ‘manipulate’ your XB 360 & XB 1 then don’t cry when it’s bricked.To pull this silly operation you obviously need the 360 and XB 1 making it totally pointless play a 360 game use the 360 console,play an XB 1 game use the XB 1 simple.

  • fongy74

    A message to XBox 1 owners: Whatever you do,do not listen to any advice given in regards to playing 360 games on your XB 1 console,particularly if the info comes from 4chan or Youtube,you will end up with a console that is stuck in perpetual start up and it is irreversible.

  • Dennis Leboeuf

    can you do it with PS3 and will the XBOX ONE controller work with it?

  • Toke

    Can I use my xbox one controller on my 360?

  • Allison

    why not..just plug the hdmi into the TV itself?

  • sar

    I really want to play Ryse!

  • Justin

    If I download xbox 360 games onto my account (gametag) can I play those games on xbox one … I know xbox one cannot play xbox 360 discs BUT these are not discs they are purchases from the store ,,,since they are downloaded though the account and MS store?

    Basically do your purchases transfer to the xbox one from the 360

  • Xbox One For The Win

    If your that bothered about playing 360 games keep your 360 but don’t waste your time moaning that you can’t play them on the next gen console it’s next generation for a reason it’s all about moving forwards not backwards, although I do agree this title is very misleading

  • mikeyB

    this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever read. all you’re doing is using the xbone as a middle man between a 360 & a tv. there’s literally no point in doing this.

    • Imoen_Of_Telengard

      It’s the same concept as a switch box which people have been using since the Atari 2600.

  • Stealth0Recon

    pretty retarded the Microsoft company didn’t make the xbox one completely capable with the xbox 360. I’m thinking about trading over to Sony and their ps4, this is just becoming BS with Microsoft’s greedy money grabbing hands if you get me… They just want us all to buy new games, not use our “more advanced device” to play our old ones. Hell if Sony could do it with the ps4 allowing us to play ps3,2,and 1 games xbox could have certainly done it..

    • Imoen_Of_Telengard

      Don’t be retarded. The XBox 360 and XBox One have two totally different architectures. Unless you have a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, I highly suggest you shut up.

    • chris

      The reason it is not compatible with 360 games right now is because the xbox one is not powerful enough to emulate the xbox 360 and have resources left for itself. The 360 did an emulation (as a virtual machine) of the original xbox to play the games from the older generation. This requires a significant upgrade in hardware over the emulated machine. The xbox one just simply is not a large enough leap in technology. The same is applied to the ps4, which is why they also do not play older generation games.

      Maybe one day they will release an efficient enough emulation, but right now that is not their priority (especially since the competition is not doing it either). I would not hold my breath on it for the future either, unless there is a monetary reason to spend the resources. And since there is no competition to jump to that will give users what they want, they are safe from having to do it themselves.

  • chadsta05

    Dont even try this! There is a delay between the two consoles when you feed the hdmi from the 360 to the xbox one. The delay makes it very difficult to play. You would be better off just plugging it directly into the tv through another port.

  • Mike

    Dumbing down of America. Oh boy, I can play my 360 on X box one. If I use the HDMI through it. Why not just keep the HDMI from the 360 plugged into one of my many HDMI’s on the TV. This way the One does not have to be on. Like any electronic or car. Has a shelf live when on. I am just finding more and more reasons not to own a One.

  • Mike

    They should have created the one to play 360 games. But then Bill G. could not taker his income from 2 billion to 3 billion. How sad.

  • Mike

    This title is incredibly dishonest and misleading. There is a huge difference between playing 360 games ON your xbox one and THROUGH your xbox one. You should stop lying in an effort to get attention.

  • Why so angry?

    I’m so tired of these companies releasing products that don’t do everything they’re advertised to do, plus what their other products can do. I bought a couch from IKEA a few years ago, and it’s been great. So I went and bought a rug, and it doesn’t even recline! What a joke! I should be able to use all of the features of my previous purchase on my new product without having to keep the original.

    Really people? You’re really that upset that the XBox One (and PS4) can’t do something they were never expected to? Did the Super Nintendo play Nintendo games? Do CD players play 8-tracks? It’s new technology. It isn’t always going to be compatible with older technology. And if you spent so much money on your 360 games, then just keep your 360, too. That’s what I’m doing. Yes, it would be great if the XBOne could play 360 games. But I’m not mad that it can’t.

    It’s not a cash grab. No one is forcing you to buy the new console or ditch the old one. You don’t have to re-purchase your old game collection. You’re paying for a new console to use with new games.

  • Hunter Lisk

    When i play any of the COD’s there is a HUGE lag; is anyone else having this problem?

  • David

    If you hook up a Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, will you be able to play Kinect games from your 360? (will the Xbox One Kinect unit work while playing 360 games)?

  • TNBassMan10

    This doesnt mean the Xbox One can play 360 games, just that it can broadcast them. Technically by those terms, Xbox One can play PS3 and PS4 games as well!

    No worries tho, I LOVE my Xbox One.

  • Ronald

    this is stupid… I have to buy both now :(

  • egoroger

    can you still play multiplayer doing this?

  • jsdffd

    so why not just connect the xbox360 to another hdmi port on ur tv and press the input button. I fail to see the point of playing it through the xbox one…

  • Boycott Homeland

    THIS 4 MONTH DROUGHT OF GAMES IS PATHETIC. They obviously rushed to get the system out near the ps4 release the lack of games is pathetic and the best games are on the 360 as well…..

  • jonbme

    This is just an article designed to get hits.

  • Cory

    This is absolutely pointless to do.. Gtfo

  • Daniel Santana

    But were you using xbox one controller to play this games or xbox 360 controller to play?

  • Jeremy

    This is stupid. Misleading. Gimmic of an article.

  • Stephen Brucculeri

    If you use this method, can you play the 360 games using the X1 Controller? I figure you would as your accessing it through X1 and can you still youse 360 party chat?

  • Holtzy

    Or, chip your XB1 and play 360 games legit

  • Oddx

    Don’t intend to troll but this is just a worthless traffic gimmick. Did you know you can use a similar technique to play all Xbox games on your TV. Wow!

  • Spot

    Big freaking deal.

  • LamiaLove

    You can shove the title of the article up your ass_.

  • yesmar

    why dont i just change inputs on my TV?

  • Iain_Jarvis

    There is no Graphical Lag, but there is Input Lag. You should have mention that because there is a difference between them.

  • smohed

    a lot of connections with nothing at all
    you just make XBOX one a video hub for your XBOX 360
    I rather use the “input” TV button to change between HDMI’s and that is it no need for all that funky stuff

  • Davey

    Can I Just Put A Xbox 360 Game In My Xbox One Without Following These Steps?

  • Pool

    My 360 doesn’t have volume when is connected anybody know how to fix it?

  • bob smith

    Title should be “No, you can not play Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One” you’re just running the signal from your 360 through the One. Completely pointless since you still have to have your 360 connected to the internet and still use your old 360 controller. Just a waste of time

  • gavingreenwalt

    This annoying trick is how I’ve been watching HBO-Go lately. Wish they would release a Native One app already. Probably porting it all over to the new “Universal App” before release.

  • David Scott

    YOU SUCK ! … misleading title … so to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox one… WE NEED AN XBOX 360 ! … UH DUH

  • Swagmaster

    Do you need all the wires for your xbox 360 plugged in

  • diablo135

    How would Microsoft make less money if the One was compatible with the 360? MS doesn’t make the majority of the games

  • Hvacrpro

    Okay, I just want to use my xbox 360 games on my xbox one console… and still be able to play them online with old gamer friends…. is this possible? online…. also the xbox one controller, sucks. the thumb on right side of it slips off and the four arrow buttons are too close and it sends me into another screen on my tv… lose the entire game… no lockout ? nada… sucky. would love to use the older control with the xbox one… im about to sell off this pos console. sad too much money invested. pos.

  • Ryan

    This is silly. Why would you bother with this? If you need the functional Xbox 360 up and running, why not just play the game on that system?! My 360 just RRoD’d, and I’m debating whether to buy PS4 or the XBOX1. The deciding factor would have been if I could still play my 360 games, but now it seems I’m left with games I can’t play regardless of which system I buy.

  • Nix_Nightbird

    Using this stupid article’s logic, you could also play your Playstation 3 games on your grandma’s VCR.

  • Luke Christensen

    Does this really work??? So you just basically plug the xbox 360 into the xbox one using that cord?

  • œther

    Did they patch this?

  • tuoac

    How stupid!! You may aswell simply turn on your 360 and play it straight form there!!

  • Alisa Alisa

    Robot Unicorn Attack

    Upon loading up the game and probably startling Google Chrome itself with the absurdness of what I was playing, the word disappointment temporarily fell out of my vocabulary because after even 30 seconds of playing my head was filled with rainbows, amazement, and awe at how simultaneously simple and entertaining the experience was. Aside from the frightening array of colours that would distress even the hardiest of retinas, everything about this game is unbelievably simple and easy to grasp. Taking the fact that you are a mechanical unicorn as given, you are thrown into a bubblegum world of fantasy and sparkle which, upon witnessing it with your own eyes, will make you understand what those Skittles talk about when they bang on about “tasting the rainbow”. As a robot unicorn, your job is to simply run endlessly across terrain, jumping intermittently when the ground beneath you ends and landing on the next platform. The jumps become increasingly difficult as you progress, with terrain and giant star-shaped obstacles getting in your way.

  • Hmm guy

    How does the xbox one connect to the tv if its freakin connected to the xbox 360?

    • iloveusa777

      There are two HDMI ports, one for input from a set-top box or other consoles and the other for output to a TV.

  • kap0w

    if this article doesn’t show how dumb you think your readers are, there is no such evidence.

    It’s beyond misleading, it’s wrong! At best you are playing your 360 THROUGH the One, not ON it.

    Hire some real tech writers please.

  • Blarg

    I actually found a use for this. The red plug-in of the three wires on my 360 isn’t working, cutting off all sound to my right side. If i set it to play through the one then i can probably hear again.

  • Kyle Newton

    There is a nauseating delay when playing any FPS via this method. I don’t recommend it.

  • Joey

    I want to grab my hand through my monitor and smash the author’s head down his keyboard.

  • Jesse

    In my opinion Microsoft is holding the option to make the xbox one backwards compatible to later on boost sales. The console is still pretty new and they feel there is no real obligation.
    If I had my way, I would make Microsoft update it’s xbox one software to read xbox 360 games. It sucks that I can’t play all my collection of games just because it’s not going to generate money. Fk Microsoft, I work 11 days and 4 days off so I don’t get to play anyway. I have the cash on hand but the only reason I would even consider it. Would be just to play with my friends who already have an xbox one.

  • StevenTMahlberg

    I read this article and a line from Hunt for Red October came to mind:

    “Can you fire an ICBM horizontally?”

    “Yes. But why would you want too?”

  • Karaya

    “The Xbox One console was designed from the ground up to give you an all new experience” – the article on the official site says. I call it a total BS, and a very deliberate and (stupid) greedy move. As a s/w engineer I do not believe for a second it was prohibitively costly to provide games backward compatibility for a project of this scale and a company with resources of MSFT.

  • GuyWithBrain?

    Lol ok, might as well just skip the HDMI and play it on the 360 that’s two feet away..

  • Joelfwilson johnny void

    You are a troll of a writer and I hate it.

  • Mascondante

    thanks for getting my hopes up assholes

  • sandspoint

    This is a disgrace I cant believe I cant play my battlefield 4 game on xbox one? so what there doing is making billions of cds into the garbage heep as soonas your 360 finally dies all games are useless!!!! why why why!!!!


    Thats pointless… Plugging a xbox 360 into a xbox one… just plug the xbox 360 into the tv! Some people complicate things for no reason at all… Taylor without sounding horrible here that was a stupid post that has made you look a little silly for GeekWire.

    I’m no console gamer I have been lucky enough to of been given an Xbox one for my birthday off my lovely wife, no idea really what it can do, I’m getting the hint though that Microsft are fleecing all you gamers out there you have to pay to play online, yet you have just spent £50 on the game they now want you to spend another £45 to play it with your mates. I think I will stick to my PC gaming on steam.. Its free after you brought the game. FYI Bad company servers ect are the same,

    Anyone want a XBOX ONE brand new unplayed (switched on and set up but no gaming hours logged) assin creed addition £300 with two preloaded games.

    Big Con but brilliant if you get people to do it.

  • trudy

    ill just wait a couple years til the xbox 360 goes way down in price and just fricting buy it. mine died 1 month after the warranty was up…. hmm weird.

  • Alex xbox

    So basically we can’t put xbox 360 games on xbox 1

  • Jack

    This may be true, but you still have to have TWO xbox systems! (Gee, do ya think maybe the good designers had that planned?) Oh well, hopefully mommy and daddy have the $ for your spoiled little ass to play your little games….

  • Mari

    I.did not have a clue to these compatabities and i JUST bought this console for my sons birthday/Christmas gift today. Im actually quite impressed with Microsoft!!!

  • much love

    can i reverse this effect and play my xbox one through my 360?

  • Enigmatic

    If I had an Xbox 360, I would play it on Xbox 360 !! Why would I need an Xbox One! stupid article.

  • Barrett Jasper

    This isn’t at all what the headline is suggesting. Click bait.

  • hajnod

    So the ten thousand dollars in games I bought for 360 are useless? Thank Microsoft crooks! F.U.

  • Mike

    Can you buy an Xbox one game like assassins creed unity and then play it on the Xbox 360 if you don’t own the Xbox one?

  • Teach

    So iI’m wondering….
    If I have Dance Central for the 360, and Dance Central Spotlight for the xbox one, if I run the 360 through the one would the Kinect for the one still work?

  • Nitemare401

    Okay, what we really was trying to achieve is playing Xbox 360 games onto your Xbox One console. So are we able ot to that or not???? Peopl ehere get lost in the initial question…..So are we able to to do??? if so how???? Please brake it down we all want to know.

  • zdewd93

    So, you’re not really playing the game from the xbox one, just through it’s extra graphics adapter….Meaning you could not put an xbox 360 game into an xbox one and play it, which is ridiculous. You can’t even DOWNLOAD old 360 games online to the one, you would think they would make that possible somehow.

  • Blax Xtra

    how do you connect the cable to watch tv like television

  • ffffff

    my xbox one broke

  • andykingyo

    I wanna be able to play my old 360 games on tbe one. Not buy another 360 just to hook it up to my one.

  • Taiyon Demyers

    Can I play the xbox 360 games that I bought off of marketplace on xbox one?

  • Lexi

    Wtf is the point in this… If you have both platforms, why would you need to play 360 games from the fucking Xbox One? -.- Thanks, really. I like how Google was like “Yes you can! But the 360 games aren’t compatible with the Xbox One!” So misleading…

  • SuckItTrebeck

    Sooo, Xbox one is basically a voice activated, $250 paperweight?

  • William Kayser

    Kudos to you my friend, my son just got xbox one for his birthday and I thought all those xbox 360 games would be lost forever…lol followed your simple instruc. and works great! Yeah he is still playing it through his xbox 360 but it was simple to hook them both up and he is happy.. And really that’s all the matters to me.

  • Jayteey

    Well, this is pretty USELESS. What on earth is the point in having two consoles running at the same time? And your not really playing 360 games on the ONE are you, all you are doing is feeding a tv signal through the ONE to the tv…. So you may as well save electricity, turn the ONE off and just use the tv as normal. I’ve never seen such a ridiculous claim in all my natural. In order for the title to be correct, you would need to be able to put a 360 game into the ONE, AND PLAY IT, whereas with your video description you don’t, so stop claiming you’ve done something clever when you havent. What you have done here is no different to feeding the signal through an old video or DVD player and saying “how to play xbox 360 games on a DVD player”…….

  • Hi

    You guys should put a video to people how to do it

  • chuchu

    thats really no help at all. u still have to use the xbox360 to use the game. its not like u are using xbox1 itself to play the game.

  • DNA

    Yea cool and all but that means running both console though.

  • Justanothergamerhere

    Xbox 360 games always had a slight lag for me through the Xbox One.

  • animeotaku032399

    If that’s the case, then you might as well play it on the 360.

  • Wreckedem

    The guy who wrote this, and the editor that approved it are A55h0les!! The answer is no, you cannot play 360 games on a One.

  • Mo mO

    Xbox one can play Xbox 360 games by using Xbox 360 HDMI cable. But can it play Xbox 360 games with other Xbox 360 user online?

  • d

    I can’t hear sound. Is that normal?

  • Bill Ward

    Why is this BS still here? Does GeekWire typically leave their “staff Writer”s lies up after they’re exposed? I’m going to assume so after purchasing a 30ft hdmi extension, and switch with the intention of playing 360 games from a different room, based on this total BS. Hope you enjoyed the “click” GeekWire, because it will be your last from me.

  • SailerJerry

    This is stupid B.S. “Got Ya To Read The Article” Hype….It really has no use and is misleading….Very disappointing.

  • Cai

    Oh lordie.. if folks have a 360 phattie and One phattie they will use around 300w+ >< damn Yankees buy a pc!

  • Sam

    Why do that when you can just play them on the 360? If you already have the 360 model, this is so unnecessary when you could just pop it into the 360.

  • horror666

    SO basically this site is full of scam artists and/or retards and I should never come back? Its like the ALex Jones or Hillywood of tech media.

  • JimmyBobJosh

    Well. this is stupid sense most people going to buy the XBOX one have already sold their XBOX 360.

  • Nolan

    Doing this drops your FPS like an anchor for me, not worth it. I’d rather just do one or the other.

  • will

    is this a software update or just in newer xbox one’s

  • Amir J Mohamed

    Hating hoe aint and happy hoes aint hating-Fab
    But for real why is everyone hating on the kid i would have never thought of this. Good job bro but to be honest it kinda makes no sense to do this

  • silentnoise

    So GeekWire is off of my resource potentials as they can’t seem to be trusted outside of click baiting. Someone should consider reviewing for quality content next time.

  • Pete

    Click bait GTFOH

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