msftipadcommercial12Microsoft is taking another swing at a competitor and this time it’s Apple’s iPad getting the backhand slap.

In its latest Windows commercial titled “Less talking, more doing,” Microsoft uses Siri’s voice to show how Windows tablets can perform tasks that the iPad cannot, all at a cheaper price. Important to point out that the featured tablet is a 64GB Asus VivoTab Smart device, not a Surface. That allows Microsoft to show a $449 price tag compared with $699 for the 64GB iPad.

The Siri voice-over says things like, “I’m sorry I can only do one thing at a time,” and follows that with, “I guess PowerPoint isn’t one of those things.” That’s particularly interesting considering that Microsoft has been under pressure to release Office for the iPad.

Then the kicker comes when Siri asks, “Should we just play chopsticks?” pointing fun at Apple’s piano commercials it used to introduce the iPad Mini.

Microsoft has been really been pushing out the advertising lately to show why its products are superior. There was that hilarious wedding ad that poked fun at Samsung and Apple smartphones and the most recent, ridiculous Windows ads that featured groups of people not speaking English doing some wacky stuff like shaving watermelons and playing ping pong with their butts.

There was also the internal Microsoft video that lampooned Google Chrome, and you surely can’t forget about the ongoing Scroogled campaign.

If you’re in need of more great entertainment, check out the YouTube comments on the latest video. It’s an all-out Apple vs. Microsoft war.

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  • guest

    Not all that accurate but more effective than most of MS’s marketing.

  • Wilcox

    Time to put up my iPad on ebay – anyone looking for one?

    • Brian

      Yeah, I’ll take it. Don’t forget the cost of MicroShit’s products. Google does offer everything you want for “free” well not “free” but letting them target you for ads. And if think about it, wouldn’t you rather have targeted ads? Do you, if you are a guy, want to see tampon ads? No, you want to see relevant ads that relate to YOU. This is what Google will accomplish. I’ve already been introduced to a few products that I may have never known about if not for Google. AND the products are making my life easier in regards to music production. So you have to consider all variables.

  • Nathan O

    Well. That’s pretty good.

  • cris levin

    its iOS vs a full featured windows, obviously windows can do more things.

  • Say it as it is

    I understand what you mean but ALL the things said in the article (Even though they are crude) they are true.

  • Free_Stater

    Wow, a USB port eh?

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