Charlie Kindel
Charlie Kindel

Charlie Kindel, the Seattle tech veteran who left his job as a Microsoft Windows Phone general manager in 2011 to join the startup world, has now been hired by as the director of an undisclosed project inside the company.

“I’m building a new team going after a totally new area for Amazon. I’m hiring cloud and mobile developers and testers, program managers, and product managers, he writes on his LinkedIn profile, which describes the position as director of “something secret.”

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. Kindel did publish an April Fool’s post today about Amazon hiring him to head the “Amazon Kindle Charlie” home server initiative, but he noted at the top of the post that part of what followed was true, and he separately confirmed to GeekWire that he has, in fact, joined Amazon.

With the new role, Kindel has stepped down as CEO of his startup BizLogr, which makes an automated mileage reporting tool called MileLogr. He will remain a founder/owner, but he says he will mostly disconnect from the startup, and his technical co-founder, Stefan Negritoiu, will take the reins.

Kindel explains, “Amazon presented an opportunity to build something new that has ginormous potential. I simply couldn’t pass the opportunity up. As a double bonus, the idea that I can work in such a principled and customer focused company is really exciting to me.”

He said he wasn’t able to go into any further detail about his new position.

Kindel’s last postion at Microsoft was as general manager of the Windows Phone app platform and developer experience, but he worked in a variety of other areas, including Windows Home Server, Windows Media Center and technical advisor to the head of Microsoft’s Server & Tools Business.

Amazon has been reported to be working on its own Android-based smartphone, but the company hasn’t officially confirmed any plans along those lines.

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  • Marcelo Calbucci

    Amazon Glasses!

    • Josh Ledgard

      Will automatically show you how much cheaper everything your looking at in the real world is on Amazon. They will also patent “Blink to purchase”.

      • ChuksOnwuneme

        ———–They will also patent “Blink to purchase”


    • Phuoc Do

      Amazon Phone :)

      • James Temple

        that’s already being done

  • James Temple

    First Brandon Watson, Now Charlie… Looks like they’re getting the band back together. I wonder how many WP veterans are over there???

  • SFLaw

    Insanely overrated. Was horrible at Microsoft and was pushed out of every job. Much more hot air than anything. This is a bad, very bad, hire for Amazon.

  • Jeff MacDuff

    Congrats Charlie on your new adventure, looking forward to seeing what happens

  • Sniper

    I have to disagree SFLaw- this is a great hire for them. Charlie always built stuff that the market wasn’t ready for yet, which seems to be where amazon thrives. Remember hot air creates lift when captured

  • sampmamp

    There is a dude tha knows which way is up. Wow.

  • Dave McLauchlan

    Thrilled for Charlie – as someone with first hand experience, this is great hire for Amazon, and the broader tech community as well.

  • JasonDiaz

    Kindle Fire Phone

  • Kriss

    Amafone :)

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