Answering questions at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco today, Google CEO Larry Page spoke out against “negativity” in the tech industry, and the tendency to pit one company vs. another, rather than focusing on advancing technology. Being negative, he said, “is not how we make progress.”

Just wait until he sees this video!

This is an internal video, created by Microsoft for an audience inside the company, and obtained by GeekWire. It uses the messaging of Microsoft’s external “Scroogled” campaign but wasn’t intended to be made public. (It’s common for Microsoft to make internal videos like this, often allowing it to be more pointed than when communicating broadly.)

For comparison, here’s the original Google Chrome video that Microsoft is lampooning.

Page also spoke specifically about Microsoft during the Google I/O talk, referring to Microsoft’s integration of Google Chat into

“I’ve personally been quite sad at the industry’s behavior around all these things. If you take something as simple as IM, we’ve had an open offer to interoperate forever,” he said, according to the Verge. “Just this week Microsoft took advantage of that by interoperating with us. You can’t have people milking off of just one company.”

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  • Stephen Medawar

    IMO: This campaign wreaks of negative politics. I find myself being defensive of Chrome, though I don’t typically care very much. My first thought was, “Chrome doesn’t take money out of my pocket.”

    If Explorer is truly superior, let the product speak for itself and let your marketing highlight key features or correct misconceptions.

    • surilamin

      please tell me what fantasy world you live in…

      • Stephen Medawar

        Did you want to explain yourself, or are you going to leave it at that?

  • Michael Paul Warncke

    They have been doing the Scroogled campaign for awhile now. Does anyone know if it has shown to be effective thus far?

  • Troy Morris

    The problem with this campaign is that most people do not actually care that Google is monetizing off of my behavior. Do it! It gives me better ads, better products and makes my life easier.

    That’s why we use technology. Do you think most people care that the FREE product they’re using delivers them more relevant advertising?

    Marketshare says it most people do not care.

    Tell me, Microsoft, how your products and services can make my life easier and better? Because that, I respond to.

    • Jack Holmes

      Upvoted. Google clearly demarcates ads in all of their products, and anyone with two brain cells to rub together can either avoid them or–admittedly more likely–parse them to find ones that may be useful or relevant.

      Microsoft, on the other hand, makes Windows. “Useful” and “relevant” are words far outside their vocabulary.

    • Jason Farris

      I don’t work for Microsoft but I can’t think of a single product Google makes that is better than the Microsoft version they are trying to emulate. You could say that Google has a good handle on search but everything else is a bit of a mess… that is until they shut it down unexpectedly and without warning. My favorite move by Google so far this year is when they announced that EAS support would arbitrarily be turned off for Google Apps. Thanks google, did you think our whole company was going to replace every electronic device just so we could keep using (crappy) gApps?

      • Scott Moore

        That made me laugh hard. What a joke. I thought about responding in detail, but it’s not worth it. IE is a pig. Windows 8 is a disaster. The Windows phone is still dead last. Big is pathetic. And that silly new tablet thing that Microsoft made with the ugly colors is horrible.

        Sure, Microsoft has a monopoly market share due to their desktop OS, but they are losing ground in every single category they compete in.

        • Jason Farris

          It’s worth it. Go ahead.

      • Falcon D. Stormvoice

        Phone and Browser to start with.

  • misty

    This makes me embarrassed for Microsoft

  • chris k

    You realize your precious Google just made Microsoft pull the you tube app off there phones right? So much for LP’s progress making lol.

    • SilverChariot

      This happened after there was a company wide discussion about IDC mobile market growth numbers. Google got scared of the IDC windows phone growth numbers .This is what really happened.

      Android stands at 79% and WP stands at whopping 133% !!! ROFL !!!

  • Scott Moore

    Chrome is just a browser. If you use Google with IE, then google still monetizes you. If you use it with iPhone or Windows phone, it still monetizes you. IE or Chrome is just the socket. The problem is, even if MS owns the socket, people still use it to plug into Google apps, not MS apps.

    MSFT has an identity problem in all of its product categories. While gmail gains market share, MSFT has changed hotmail to windows live mail, to outlook online. It can’t decide what it is. It chides Google docs for being unsafe, and yet it’s moving all its own apps to services in the cloud. I’m starting to feel bad for Ballmer. It’s all falling apart. As the device market moves from desktop to mobile devices and cloud computing, Microsoft will slowly lose its cash cow. Everything it does to try and diversify in consumer markets seems to hemorrhage money.

    It would appear their future is in infrastructure and tools.

  • Timcook

    maybe microsoft should spend more time making products that don’t suck and less time spoofing others. >>>>

  • Michael Hazell

    I love Chrome. However, Chrome doesn’t collect as info as they want to about my browsing habits because I disable some “predictive” features to make the web easier to navigate. I do, however, keep malware protection enabled.

    As far as ads are concerned, I use AdBlock and can block anything that I want to from a webpage so it really doesn’t matter. They can collect info all they want but I’ll never see the advertisement.

  • seattlewebdesign

    That’s a pretty incredible spoof, and accurate. It’s naïve to think that being/Microsoft isn’t after the same thing: profits.

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