google-sign-kirkland2Google is a bit richer today.

Shares of the company surged passed $1,000 for the first time, trading as high as $1,007 in early morning trading. The stock boom comes a day after the search giant reported $14.9 billion in third quarter revenue, just beating Wall Street’s estimates of $14.8 billion.

The company’s market value stands at $334 billion.

By comparison, Microsoft, which competes with Google with its Bing search engine, is valued at $289 billion. is valued at $146 billion.

Here’s a look at the stock rise over the years.

Click on chart for real time pricing info.


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  • Thomas Franklin

    Like Microsoft in the 90s, monopolies make a LOT of money until they aren’t monopolies any more.

    • Guest

      You realize MS makes more money today than it did then, right?

      • Ryan Parrish

        He might mean relative to competitors, which is a good comparison to Microsoft in the 90s and Google today.

        • Thomas Franklin

          Every and i mean EVERY small business i talk to says they HATE dealing with Google but HAS TO. This sounds like enterprise and MSFT of the 90s

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