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Inside Concur’s new 122,000 square-foot office in downtown Bellevue, Wash.

As we noted a few months ago, Concur is growing so fast that it can’t quite keep up with demand. A company like this needs more people to help support that growth, and that means more office space.

Bellevue Mayor Conrad Lee with Concur founders Steve Singh, Rajeev Singh and Mike Hilton.

That’s exactly what Concur’s sweet new digs in downtown Bellevue, Wash. offers — and a whole lot more. The maker of travel and entertainment expense management software marked the opening of its move from Redmond to the more urban setting on Thursday afternoon, as the Bellevue Mayor Conrad Lee helped welcome the company to his city.

Concur now occupies floors 7 through 12 at a high-rise just down the street from the Expedia headquarters. The new offices take up 122,000 square feet — about 20 percent bigger than the Redmond space — and says a lot of the Concur as a company.

“The transparency, the open glass windows, the light, the energy you feel walking around the building — it represents the soul of our company,” Concur president and co-founder Rajeev Singh said.

Concur, which has offices worldwide, invited its 620 employees and their families out to the new HQ on Thursday, as hundreds gathered outside the skyscraper to hear the founders and Lee say a few words.

IMG_7509 copy“Bellevue is very fortunate that we have been endowed and blessed with all the tech companies and all the smart people here in the city,” Lee said. “Having Concur come here gives us confidence and helps us set the vision for how this can really be a place to live, socialize and interact at.”

The biggest reason for Concur’s relocation was that the Redmond office was simply too small in terms of the company’s long-term growth and space strategy. The Bellevue area was also appealing with direct access to restaurants, hotels, amenities and a transit center.

Concur’s move into the city continues a pattern of tech companies doing the same thing, and most notably Amazon in downtown Seattle.

biosphere666’s proposed buildings in downtown Seattle.

Amazon, which had its old HQ just outside of downtown at Beacon Hill, is looking to transform a portion of the city with a proposed office project just a few blocks away from its current South Lake Union campus. The project, which could take more than six years to complete, will include three 37-story office towers encompassing about 3.3 million square feet. Plans are also in the works for a massive biosphere spherical greenhouse-like structure capable of housing multiple forms of plant life as well as mature trees.

Like Amazon, Concur has grown rapidly over the past 20 years. The company has some impressive bookings performance as of late and recently made several acquisitions and investments in part through its new venture capital fund. 

“This is just another milestone, another step along the way,” co-founder Steve Singh said of the new office. “We have another 20-to-30 years of great experiences yet to go before we hand it over to the next generation.”

Check out more photos of Concour’s new crib below. Scott Torrey, executive VP of operations, told me that there’s 50-to-60 percent more collaboration space in the Bellevue office, which you can see from the pictures.

IMG_7546 copy IMG_7544 copy IMG_7542 copy IMG_7537 copy concurconrad IMG_7532 copy IMG_7530 copy IMG_7524 copy IMG_7519 copy IMG_7513 copy IMG_7512 copy IMG_7504 copy IMG_7507 copy IMG_7509 copy IMG_7510 copy IMG_7511 copy IMG_7487 copy IMG_7451 copy IMG_7527 copy

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Concur co-founder Steve Singh.
IMG_7475 copy
Concur co-founder Rajeev Singh.
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Bellevue Mayor Conrad Lee.

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  • Jelting

    Concur just left the 6-building Millennium complex on Union Hill Road – they rented one building (Microsoft is the other major tenant – Games used to be there). Parking space is strictly limited due to Redmond city zoning, and all spaces in the complex are labelled by occupant with hangtags required. Concur staff (including executives) would regularly park in spaces owned by other companies, with their management paying the tickets. There were more than a handful of confrontations – some very heated and full of self-righteous entitlement. Bellevue can have ’em.

  • scott

    7-12 of the Key Center….wow. InfoSpace had the exact same floors in that company’s heyday. They ended up on just 11 & 12 before decamping to less “prestigious” space across NE 8th. And presumably they passed the lease on floors 7-10 to the idiots who “ran” Motricity (and thus InfoSpace’s mobile business, into the ground).

    I guess the fit survive & grow,

    • Ex INSP

      I *thought* that space looked familiar!

  • Someone Somewhere

    Yawn… Skyscrapers in the suburbs are still in the suburbs.Still the same car centric, antiseptic, no culture location they moved from.

    • RogWilco

      Agreed. Maybe someday Bellevue will be more than just tall buildings in the suburbs. But for the moment that’s about all it has in common with an urban center, especially given its population size. To be fair, the trend is at least going in the right direction, it’s just not there yet.

    • Wanker

      I couldnt have said it better. When I saw “Downtown”, I was surprised to see they were moving to Seattle. Then I read the article…. Bellevue is not Downtown. There is a Downtown Bellevue, but referring to it as just “Downtown” is misleading.

    • Eastside

      There are many who’d rather stay away from becoming another Seattle. Cesspool of the Northwest.

  • TheRedmondOfficeWasFilthy

    As someone who worked many years in both of the previous Redmond offices, I’m happy (and jealous) for all Concur employees who are now enjoying this beautiful space. Big congrats to Concur!

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