This bad-ass drone turns the Nokia Lumia 1020 into an aerial surveillance device

lumia1020droneWell this has to be one of the more awesome and most expensive smartphone hardware additions I’ve ever seen.

lehmannaviation1French company Lehmann Aviation is selling a drone called the LA300 that attaches to the new Nokia Lumia 1020 device (which features a 41-megapixel camera) and can film footage/take photos from more than nine miles in the air at up to 49 MPH for 30 minutes.

It gets better — the drone completely flies itself. All you need is a Windows 8 tablet and Lehmann’s OperationCenter app to program a flight path. That data is sent to the drone via Wi-Fi, and from there, you just sit back and let your new eye in the sky do the work.


Lehmann’s OperationCenter app lets you program a flight path for the LA300 drone.

The only downside? You’ll have to shell out about $6,500 for one of these bad boys.

H/T WPCentral

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  • AppFanBoy

    Holy crap.. this is the first big reason for me to swtich to WP.. that thing is epic! Live Tiles and drones here I come!

  • Don

    Cool as hell! However, it says “the only downside” is the $6,500. Actually, the major flaw is basing this on a Nokia phone that no one owns and requiring a Windows table which no one owns.

    • domi1kenobi

      Clearly you haven’t noticed the uprising of the WP8 platform.

    • ImGonaWreckIt

      By Windows Tablet…they actually mean a device running Windows 8…. and the Nokia Lumia 1020 is actually the only phone with high enough resolution for this…Can you imagine using 5mp on a drone? LOLOLOL

  • powers

    No wonder people are switching to cool WP phones

    • choco

      WP8 comes with its multiple problems

      • Midget


  • vince71

    Fantastic !

  • Eric Needle

    Camera is amazing. Flight programming looks refined. The $6500 price tag is steep, especially compared to quad-copters.