Amazon mocks Apple, Jony Ive with new ad bashing the iPad

kindleipadJust one month after taking a small dig at the iPad, Amazon is out with another commercial bashing Apple’s tablet.

In November, it was this Kindle Paperwhite spot quietly slamming the iPad’s apparent lack of brightness.

Now, Amazon is out with an ad for its Kindle Fire HDX tablet that uses Apple’s advertising style and Jony Ive to lambast the iPad.

“This new iPad Air is astonishingly light,” says Apple’s British narrator, sounding just like Ive does during Apple commercials.

“The new Kindle Fire is actually 20 percent lighter than the iPad Air,” responds Amazon’s narrator.

“Yes, but the iPad is only $499,” says the fake Ive.

“The Kindle is only $379,” the Amazon narrator says, as Mr. Apple quietly says “I see,” and lowers his iPad out of view.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has taken a few swings at Apple. And it’s certainly not the only Washington-based tech giant doing so, as Microsoft continues to slam the iPad and tout its Surface tablet with a variety of advertisements.

Most recently, Microsoft published an ad featuring two fake Apple employees — perhaps one mimicking Ive — ridiculing aspects of the new iPhones during an internal meeting with a man who looked to be either Tim Cook or the late Steve Jobs. Microsoft took the advertisement down within hours, though.

  • GG002

    Haha, I love this!

  • assassinave

    Well if it’s not market share than it is tech specs dooming the iPad to obscurity. Oh wait, it isn’t.

  • guest

    Kindle Fire = 8.9 screen vs 9.4 (for Ipad). That’s quite a bit more screen space, so the comparison is pretty flawed when it comes to ‘lighter’ etc…

  • right

    this looks like the same positioning approach Microsoft has tried. the reality is that customer experience trumps tech specs all day. Amazon’s tablet is so bad that they literally provide a help desk person to help customers figure it out.

    • GG002

      Oh, I’ve had plenty of people to whom I’ve had to teach how to change brightness or connect to WiFi.. By your logic the iPad is sh*t too.