Microsoft’s new Surface tablet computer, unveiled during a press event here this afternoon, will work in conjunction with a cover that attaches via magnets and doubles as a keyboard. Two versions will be available: one with a touch-sensitive surface, dubbed Touch Cover; and another with slightly raised keys for better typing, dubbed Type Cover.

The company isn’t saying how the accessories will be sold, or how much they’ll cost.

Backstage at the company’s press event we received an impromptu demo, in the video above.

PREVIOUSLYLive: Microsoft unveils new Surface tablet computer

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  • davidgeller

    Keyboards looks nice. Looks like some useful technology inside the non-tactile one and its ability to support resting and typing. Following Apple’s magnetic iPad covers, though, they should probably be less enthusiastic about the power of rare-earth magnets.

  • Smash

    Being three years late with a me-too product does not count as innovative. But good luck to Microsoft. Hopefully, their results with tablets are better than their results with phones.

    • Smash

      TechCrunch is also stating that they weren’t given the ability to go all out during the hands on portion of the event. Can you shed light on what you were and were not able to demo in person? Not announcing price, specific availability (i.e., buy it now), screen resolution, or other detailed specs makes me wonder just what’s going on behind the curtain.

      • Rico Alexander

        You do realize that win8 won’t be out until the fall plus they did announce when it will be available and a price expectation.

  • Guest

    Awesome. This looks brilliant. Finally, a tablet that is actually useful for composing and not just for consuming!

    Just two questions: (1) How much? and (2) Give it to me!

  • L Lam

    I wonder if they’ll allow competing Win8 tablets to plug into the covers if they want

    • Rico Alexander

      No way!

  • Thomas R.

    The title is somewhat misleading since you don’t actually type on it…which is the whole point of a keyboard. The guy just swings it around. Vaporware until you can actually type on it.

    • Rico Alexander

      Yes, I’m sure you want be able to type on it. :rolleyes

  • Guest

    Two questions:

    1. Did they let you, or anyone, type on it? Otherwise all they were demoing is magnets.

    2. How long is it going to take one of the third parties that already make keyboard cases for iPads to replicate this approach? They should be available on alibaba any day now.

    • tspx23

      this wouldn’t be compatible with the ipad, the surface has a magnetic connector dock on the side of the device.

      • Guest

        Got it. I didn’t realize there was a connector there. I was thinking just magnetic hinges and then wireless communication via bluetooth or similar short-range radio. That would be the way to make something similar work with an iPad. Batteries for this kind of design are a slight challenge, but there are lithium polymer batteries under 1mm thick these days.

        • Adas Weber

          This clever keyboard system has been engineered from scratch specifically to work with the Surface. If you try to make something similar for the current iPad then it will just be a bolt-on and won’t be anywhere near as slick. Realistically, Apple will have to engineer something specific for the iPad 4 to make it work as well as this.

    • Toon Up

      The keyboard is fake, notice in all the demos they never allowed anyone to type ANYTHING? VaporMg –> VaporWARE

  • Jakoshi

    This has already been done by Logitech for the iPad. They act like they are the first to it.

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