After posting our initial Tablet “Cheat Sheet” yesterday, to help keep track the array of tablets hitting the market, we received lots of feedback from readers suggesting improvements and additions.

GeekWire contributor Christopher Budd was participating in the comment thread and jumped in to help by putting the key info into a web-based spreadsheet.

I’ve added more data and also made it publicly editable as a Google Doc, so anyone can jump in and add new devices, specs, whatever you feel is relevant. Yes, it’s a leap of faith, but we’re all adults here, or at least most of us are, and there’s always revision history as a safegaurd.

Here’s the spreadsheet. Let us know your thoughts and feel free to jump in and make it better.

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  • Guest

    Awesome! Thanks so much for putting this up.

  • Christopher Budd

    Thanks for posting this. Hopefully this will be a help for folks. It was interesting to punch in some of the data and understand better the differences.

    One thing’s for sure: there’s a lot of options out there right now!

  • d i g i t t a n t e
  • cliveb

    Y2K (12+) years since I had to compare PCs for boss to ok the purchase. No point, they’re all so similar only price matters. Tablet innovation changes this, useful comparison spreadsheet.

  • Jon Staenberg

    safeguard? or safegaurd? :). Just doing my editing.

  • Lydia Benger

    Google offers the Nexus 7 in 16GB and 32GB versions at $199 and $250 respectively. Only a few physical stores have them on hand. I saw them at Staples and Office Max, and ended up purchasing the 32GB this weekend. So far I’m impressed.

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