Seth Godin

In its quest for an edge in the digital book market, Apple just stepped on some very big toes.

Author Seth Godin, a.k.a. “America’s Greatest Marketer,” says in a blog post that Apple is declining to carry the e-book version of his new manifesto, Stop Stealing Dreams, because the bibliography includes links to buy, from, hardcover versions of the books cited in his text. Apple’s rejection note cites “Multiple links to Amazon store.”

“I think that Amazon and Apple and B&N need to take a deep breath and make a decision on principle: what’s inside the book shouldn’t be of concern to a bookstore with a substantial choke on the marketplace,” Godin writes. “If it’s legal, they ought to let people read it if they choose to.”

Amazon and Apple are increasingly competing with one another, particularly following the Seattle company’s launch of its Kindle Fire tablet, challenging the iPad with a smaller and cheaper tablet. GeekWire has reached out to Apple for comment, and we’ll update this post if we hear back.

Godin’s post also appeared on PaidContent, and we spotted it via TechCrunch.

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  • Guest

    Shame on Apple for this anti-competitive behaviour. I’d like to see Tim Cook apologise for yet another human rights violation.

  • Sam

    It seems that there’s a line between creative expression and advertising that creative expression, and that it’s kind of obnoxious to submit a book to Apple’s store that tells the reader to go to someone else’s store.  That’s not about the book’s content, it’s about marketing the book’s content, and it seems reasonable that one company wouldn’t want to publish ads that take people to another company’s store.

  • GC

    He can just list the book titles he wants to reference without the direct links. Problem solved! 

    • Guest

      Seth’s book is written as it is. Why shall Apple get into the business of limiting what a man may say?

      • Guest

         It’s not about what Seth’s saying. He can say what he likes, as GC points out. It’s about Seth walking into the Apple Store with a Sandwich board telling people to buy stuff at Amazon. Of course Apple’s going to ask him to leave.

        • Guest

          Seth is free to sell a book saying anything he wants. Apple’s “Big Brother” style tactics of information control are completely antithetical to the company that anti-authoritarian men Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built a generation ago.

          Shame on Tim Cook for befouling the company that is to pay him half a billion dollars’ worth of stock.

          Fire Tim. Fire the board.

          • Riker

            Just a matter of time – Apple will stop allowing links to Google, Fox, MSNBC,etc. because they don’t like it.

  • drenrav

    does amazon link to apple?

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t unique to Apple.  Several of my Android apps were rejected by Amazon because they contained links to other apps in the Google app store.

  • Toast

    Seth Godin is essentially a box of nothingness. So no real loss.

    • 123

       When they came for the Godins, I didn’t speak up because I didn’t like him.

      etc. etc.

  • Riker

    I do not own and WILL NOT own Apple products if Apple stay on this track.

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