As we’ve noted repeatedly here in the pages of GeekWire, Microsoft is in a desperate fight to regain some ground in mobile against formidable (and bigger) rivals like Android and Apple’s iOS.

Ben Rudolph conducting a “Meet your Match” challenge in Santa Monica.

About a year ago, Microsoft looked to tout its new mobile software through a promotion called “Smoked by Windows Phone.” (Todd Bishop and I even took the challenge on the GeekWire podcast a few months ago when Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph pitted his device against our iPhones).

Now, Rudolph (aka as “Ben the PC guy”), is back to his old tricks with a new campaign called “Meet Your Match.”

The idea is that Windows Phones aren’t just faster …. but better for everyday life occurrences. (In the video above, Rudolph says he’ll buy a California family dinner if they like a resolution better on a photo shot with an Android MyTouch).

You can guess how that turns out.

“Speed is great. But most people aren’t looking for a phone that’s just fast,” Rudolph writes in a blog post announcing the new promotion. They’re looking for a phone that’s a perfect match for them—their style, the things they do, and the things they love.”

Meanwhile, here’s Rudolph, sporting a Nokia Lumia 920, challenging a couple with their iPhone 5s. The competition revolves around photos, with Rudolph telling the couple that “this is the best camera phone ever built, period.”

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  • putyong

    I don’t want to put period only on that amazing camera phone. I’ll say Exclamation! The best ever!

    • GG002

      But the iPhone 5 has purple flare! The 920 doesn’t have it! Therefore it sucks!


  • Umesh Unnikrishnan

    Maybe they should spend more resources on building a better product than marketing this turd. Just sayin’

    • GG002

      I’d say WP phones are way underrated. That’s why Microsoft’s doing these kinds of things. It’s called ‘awareness’, something which is important in the world of iSheep and Fandroids who refuse to check other things out, even if it may be better.

      • Andrew Styles

        I did check it out. I have an android phone and think that it’s shit. However, The first thing people check is does it have the apps I use most frequently. Instagram? Nope. Winamp for wireless music stream? Nope. BBC iPlayer? Nope. Swype? Nope. Windows Phone might be the best phone OS in the world, but until the apps come….And yes I know: “Herp Derp, give it time and the apps will come”. Well, that might be true, but why wouldn’t I wait 6 months for the appstore to grow and then pick up the exact same windows phone at half the price? Unless you REALLY like your live tiles or can’t stand android/ios any longer, you’re better off keeping your money in your pocket until windows phone really takes off.

        • guest

          And if everyone does that it never will.

    • guest

      FO troll. Just sayin

  • David

    The millennial generation knows these phones are bad. If you see someone at a bar with a Windows phone they almost always get asked “do you work for Microsoft?” The answer is always “yes” or “they are a client and I have to use this phone until the project is complete.”

    For my generation (I’m 27) it’s like spotting an endangered species. No one has ever found someone who owns them willingly.

    • GG002

      You can’t get out of your apartment a whole lot. I have ex-iPhone and Android friends owning WP-devices. They’re not MS employees.

      • David

        I get out of my house a lot. Maybe too much. You are lucky to be friends with so many of the 3% Windows Phone market share users. I’m speaking on pure observation of MY peers in Seattle. Atleast 80% are iPhone users. Almost all my loyal Blackberry friends went iPhone. Gardner and comScore numbers reinforce my observations.

        • uxo22

          I’ve owned my windows phone for a few two years now and love it. I need to update my phone badly, but I am in interior Alaska and the selection is low. iPhones and Android phones are more available from the phone providers here than WP.
          But, I like my WP so much that I will just wait until one becomes available before I buy an iphone or android again. WP is just that much better to me.
          If more phone provides start to carry more WPs that is going to be a explosion of people using windows phones, they are simply more useful and better integrated with its ecosystem.
          BTW, no I don’t work for MS.

        • GG002

          I live in Europe, where we love to try out new things. I’m not saying WP dominates anything, I’m telling you that you haven’t observed a big enough crowd. That statement of yours seemed solely to talk crap about WP. I balanced it out with some broader observations.

          Your statistics on market share only say so much, mainly because of carrier deficiency and brand loyalty. The numbers have little to do with how good iPhone is. I’d rather be talking about satisfaction level, i.e. quality over quantity. Most of my friends are btw iPhone-refugees nowadays, having Android. Nobody has BB. iPhone is becoming the endangered species where I’m moving about, which is Europe, Africa and Asia.

    • Jason Farris

      I own one willingly, it’s the best phone I’ve ever used. Sheesh.

    • guest

      Pro tip: you don’t speak for a generation.

  • Michal Žák

    Why did the man take this photo light off on iPhone 5 and light on on WP?

    • panagiώtis

      isnt flash on. it just pop for when auto focus but on pics the flash isnt on

    • uxo22

      He didn’t, that’s you showing that you don’t understand the nokia 920, the light that you saw when he was taking the picture with the nokia was the autofocus assist light, it turns off just prior to taking the photo.

      • GG002

        And you can even turn off the AF assist light if you wish to.

  • guest

    Microsoft’s marketing generally sucks, at least outside Xbox. But the Surface ads were not bad. And these WP ones are actually quite good and will probably have some impact.

  • Numbersix

    I have at least three friends that are iPhone users that are currently checking out the Lumia 920. All three have said they are ‘over the same iOS look and feel’ and want something different. Not something I heard a year ago as a WP7 user.

  • Bat

    Old Smartphone User here. Formerly had old Nokia E90 Communicator, BB Bold, Motorola Q, Samsung Epix, HTC X6874, iPhone 3, Motorola Droid X, etc. etc. Legacy of over 10 years building mobile and telematics hw and sw.
    Just got a Nokia 822 from VZN. Despite fewer apps, this phone is generally easier to use and I can get to what I want with fewer taps/swipes. I like that.
    Pros: simple UI, tiles, awesome RF, removable SD card, world-phone (GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, HSPA, LTE)
    Cons: removable back on the case is cheap and flimsy, no HID Bluetooth profile, speakers are a little tinny compared to Motorola Droid
    But it’s only been 2 weeks. Gimme another month, we’ll see if I’m still happy…

    • Bat

      Oh, and yes – the camera is very good.

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