In an interview with GameSpot down at the E3 video-game convention in Los Angeles this week, a Microsoft Xbox executive made an attention-grabbing statement about the Xbox 360, saying that the console has “a lot more than two years” of life left in it.

The quote from Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer doesn’t necessarily mean that Microsoft won’t be releasing a successor to the Xbox 360 next year. More likely it means Microsoft will keep selling the Xbox 360 in much the same way that Sony has continued to sell the PlayStation 2 years after the PS3 launch.

That speaks to the strong position that the Xbox 360 has established for itself in the console business, outselling the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii for the first time in head-to-head worldwide unit sales in 2011.

Of course, it’s in Microsoft’s interest at this point to talk about the staying power of the Xbox 360, so that people feel comfortable buying one now. The company this week unveiled a variety of new projects and extensions for the console, including a “SmartGlass” initiative that will connect the Xbox 360 to mobile devices such as Android and iPhone.
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  • Guest

    Sounds about right; MS arrogant and overconfident, failing to press their advantage by pushing the envelope even harder, thereby allowing Apple to reinvent the category with their new TV offering and take this last market away from MS as well.

    • Guest

      Apple doesn’t have a TV. Their $100 set-top box is a dismal failure and without an innovator at the helm, Apple won’t be releasing any more products you want to buy.

      Microsoft owns the living room and they’re not giving it back any time soon.

      • Guest

        They didn’t have a phone or a tablet either. How did that work out?

        • Guest

          Pretty well, thanks to Steve Jobs. What’s he up to these days?

          • Guest

            Steve was the guy who initially resisted a phone, Susan. Remember? Anyway, he’s dead. Get over it.

            When you’ve built a great team and franchise, even the second string QB is more than capable of putting the ball in the end zone and securing the win. Particularly when you’re only playing against MS, and have wiped them off the field three times previously.

          • Guest

            We were talking about standalone Apple TV. Sorry for the digression; I know Steve was very dear to you. When did standalone Apple TV come out? How much does it cost? How many units has it sold? What does it do that Xbox 360 doesn’t? What visionary features did Apple’s CEO add to it at the 11th hour for the betterment of Apple’s customer base?

          • Guest

            Susan, as with iPhone and iPad, once the product is announced and your [reasonable] questions answered, it will already be game over for MS. What part of this recurring pattern are you having trouble following?

          • Guest

            You seem to be quite knowledgeable about standalone Apple TV. I’d like to put your confidence to the test.

            Tell you what: let’s make a bet. If you can guess the release date, price, first-year unit sales, and feature set of Apple TV, you’ll win. You’ll be eligible for bonus points if you correctly identify the consequences of the “game over for MS” scenario.

            I look forward to receiving your wisdom. Best of luck!

          • Guest

            Please replace “of Apple TV” with “of standalone Apple TV.” It wouldn’t be sporting to gamble on the disastrous product that one can already buy, of course!

      • Guest

        Dismal failure? It sold nearly 3M units so far this year. That’s not far off Xbox unit pace. And I doubt they haven’t made money on it over it’s life, unlike Xbox.

    • Odog4ever

      Try harder. I obvious you didn’t even read the article and that you just wanted post your anti-MS garbage somewhere.

      MS will “push the envelope” with their new console. New console does not mean instantly dropping support for a successful older product immediately. 

      From your comment you sound like the kind of person who has trouble chewing gum and walking at the same time. Well that’s not a problem for a company the size of MS. They can devote resources towards their new “envelope pushing” console AND Xbox360 at the same time.

      • Guest

        Thank you, Odog. The belief that Apple, or indeed any company, can surpass the success of Xbox 360 is folly. I challenge the world to show me a televisual device that does everything Xbox 360 does with a pleasant 10-foot UI — no PCs running a hacky open source package, please!

        • Guest

          If memory serves, Ballmer said the same thing about iPhone and iPad. They were folly. They had “no chance”. There was also no way that Apple would one day be bigger than MS on revenue, or profit, or cash, or market value. Impossible! Could never happen! Oops.

          Without taking anything away from Apple’s remarkable success, it’s certainly been made much easier by having Ballmer, you, odog, and others be so dimissive of them. I can understand how people were the first time. But after winning in music, mobile, and tablets, you’d think people would catch on. Maybe it’s not “odog” but old dog. As in none of you can learn new tricks.

          • Guest

            Apple is not the market leader in music (streaming services like Pandora and Spotify), nor in mobile (Android and Windows Phone collectively have nearly 60% of the market and growing), nor in tablets (which collectively are outsold 5-1 by conventional PCs mostly running Windows).

            Your negative attitude and your ad hominem attacks are, quite frankly, not contributing to a constructive discussion. You have not added anything substantial to our conversation. I’d like to ask that you leave, please.

          • Guest

            Susan, this response is beneath you.

            You’re well aware that Apple is the leader in music by share, revenue, and profit, both in devices and digital downloads. In smartphones, they reinvented the category and went from zero to number one in less than two years. That has subsequently fallen to number two behind Android, but that is still an excellent result. And they still dominate the industry by profit. Definitely qualifies as “winning”. MS meanwhile has gone from number three to also ran, with less than 5% share. And the business is unprofitable, both lifetime and current.

            Your tablet reference is off topic. In tablets, iPad not only redefined the market and dominates by share, revenue, and profit, it has been so successful that now PCs are being disrupted and “Post PC era” has entered our lexicon. In many ways they not only redefined the tablet but really the modern PC. And MS and its OEMs are now desperately scrambling to copy it, only they took far too long to respond and haven’t brought anywhere near enough innovation to win against Apple’s momentum and unrivalled ecosystem. Apple will probably lose share to Android and end up second over time, like they have in mobile. But they will still dominate on profit and MS will be playing for table scraps.

            Anyway, it’s apparent that you can’t actually refute any of these facts. So I’ll take my leave for now. No sense kicking you while you’re down.

          • Guest

            The topic of this article is Xbox 360.

            Paragraph 1 of your comment makes no mention of Xbox 360.

            Paragraph 2 of your comment makes no mention of Xbox 360.

            Paragraph 3 of your comment makes no mention of Xbox 360.

            Paragraph 4 of your comment makes no mention of Xbox 360.

            You are free to leave now. I know I will.

      • Guest

        Oh, ad hominems? Impressive.

  • Dale Foster

    I’ve been with xbox since the first one… but this system is getting a bit long in the tooth considering MW3 title screen chops :|  Almost time to go back to PC gaming I think.

  • ruchitgarg

    Love the ‘guest’ commentary here :)

    MS can continue to evolve hardware (or software) and continue to call it XBOX360, XBOX 360 (slim), XBOX 360(something else, with major change)..

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