Microsoft is currently trying to make inroads with its new tablet computer — taking on the likes of Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

But before the Surface ever arrived on store shelves, there was Microsoft’s other experiment with hardware: The Kin.

Remember this poorly-conceived device? You may not, since Microsoft amazingly pulled the plug on it just 48 days after launch.

Now, we’re getting a rare look into the honest-feedback that Microsoft received prior to releasing the gadget. Wired has stumbled upon some internal Microsoft videos showing testers struggling to figure out the device — everything from dialing phone numbers to taking photos.

“It’s frustrating, I can imagine my daughter would give this back very quickly,” said one user. Another user called the Kin a “turn off” with “lots of room to improve,” while another said he would have returned the device had he paid for it.

The videos, which do not show the faces of the individuals testing the gadgets, are almost painful to watch given the negative reaction.

“The phone seems to be really slow in responding and that makes it confused as to what it’s doing,” said a tester. Later, as one tester tries to input phone numbers into the touchpad, he notes: “It just can’t keep up, it seems.”

Of course, much of this is water under the bridge at this stage. However, it does show the challenges Microsoft faces in rolling out its own hardware.

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  • Guest

    I’d like to see the focus group videos prior to “Metro” integration in W8 on desktops.

    • Michael Khalilian

      Metro on W8 is pretty intuitive.

  • Guest

    I’m glad that Microsoft learned from this abysmal experience. Surface and Windows Phone 8 (including next year’s first-party “Metrophone”) are much easier to use.

    • Guest


  • guest

    MS is losing the PR battle big time. Just today: W8 sales poor. JLG trashing W8. This video leak. Oprahpadgate.

  • Mandelin Plays

    Well don’t I feel silly. I have the Kin One and really like it. It is a pretty simple to use and was easy to set up. It is small and doesn’t duplicate things that my tablet does. In a pinch it works great for simple web searches and FB.

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