A look at the Post-It Wars occurring on Pine Street (Photos: Jamie Steven)

It started simply enough. Drew Bennett, an engineer at SEOMoz, used some of his artistic talents last week to recreate a Space Invader on the company’s windows constructed entirely of multi-colored Post-it Notes.

The alien creature got the creative juices flowing on Pine Street. And it wasn’t long before other nearby tech companies — within spitting distance of SEOMoz’s fourth floor office — were adding their own Post-it creatures to their windows.

Soon Post-It Note characters like Super Mario and Pac-Man were appearing on the windows of companies such as Fugazo, Ingeniux and Verdiem.

We haven’t seen this level of geeky pride and competitiveness since the great Post-it Note wars of mid-March in downtown Bellevue.

But the geeks behind these creations appear to be doing so in good fun, with some of the creators even grabbing drinks together at happy hours at local pubs. (Organized, of course, via Post-It Note).

“It’s been fun getting to know the other companies through our shared love for 8-bit pixel art,” says Jamie Steven, vice president of marketing at SEOMoz and an active participant in the Post-It Note creations.

Software engineers and designers can get lost in their smartphones and computers, so reaching out to the windows with something as low-tech as a Post-It Note could keep some of these folks grounded in the real world.

And what about the lost productivity?

After all, don’t some of these folks have real jobs to do? SEOMoz CEO Rand Fishkin offered this tongue-in-cheek response when asked that question:

“Moz doesn’t run a 19th century factory; we’re trying to build an exceptional software startup in 2011,” says Fishkin. “That means putting our best talent to work applying colored post-its to windows, having the occasional nerf gun skirmish and investing in copious sugar-based snack delivery vehicles.”

Ah, how could you not love life at a startup?

Follow-up: New phase in Seattle Post-It Wars: It’s on like … Angry Birds

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  • Barry Chuckle

    I bet this is what the SEOmoz employees were doing whilst their webapps plummeted into oblivion thus causing a massive outage.

    • Really?

      Haters gonna hate…

  • http://www.absorbentprinting.com AbsorbentPrinting

    What a fun way to build relationships and get a team working together. I need to start getting some pixel fun happening around the office.

  • http://www.wac6.typepad.com William Carleton

    Thanks for the tip, john. Just walked down to 1st and Pine to see the art. You have to look up! Fun stuff.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Sayers/290700387 Nick Sayers

    Good times at the mozplex :) love working here! :)

  • Guest

    Congratulations to SEOMoz for beautifying the downtown cityscape!

  • http://twitter.com/FugazoInc Fugazo Inc.

    We at Fugazo are very happy to be working across from and below fellow pixel art enthusiasts!

  • http://twitter.com/bawbgale Bob Gale

    We’re helping extend the battle down 4th Ave, with a mobile game spin. http://www.placeplay.com/we-join-the-seattle-post-it-wars/

    • johnhcook

      How does this work exactly?

    • http://twitter.com/FugazoInc Fugazo Inc.

      Niiiice!  We had our character C.L.A.W.D. from our game Rocket Claw ( http://www.rocketclaw.com) in the window but it was hard to see, so I replaced him with 8-bit Mega Man!!!  Picture coming tomorrow!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bryantlackjaquez Bryant Lack Jaquez

    that’s awesome. Way to keep your work environment positive. Good job Seomoz. 

  • http://www.nintendogal.com NintendoGal

    Reminds me of the Bellevue Post-it Note wars I covered:  http://www.nintendogal.com/2011/03/20/post-it-note-war-in-downtown-bellevue/6071/

    • NintendoGal

      Whoops, sorry, wow need to get up and walk around.  Missed the part where you mentioned the Bellevue one. >_<

  • Anonymous

    That’s so great. Long live 8-bit!   The cool thing I back in June, I did the same thing on a random white board at my new workplace, Cobalt.  I came in early and created a giant space invader.  And boy, did it invade space. 

    But the cool thing was, nobody took it down. Random people would add additional drawings around it and create characters, context etc. with dry erase markers, along with endless funny comments and captions. The thing stayed there for 4 MONTHS!  Just this monday I retired it, because the sticky notes were getting too bent to look good.  The next day, it was replaced by another coworker’s 4-foot tall drawing of Toad from the SMB games. ;)  

    Let the games continue… Seattle is so awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve invited my collegues on a design field trip to come check out your guys’ window art tomorrow!

    • http://twitter.com/FugazoInc Fugazo Inc.

      Thats so awesome!!!  Yep we just put up our mega man today!  I love seattle!  

  • http://twitter.com/slaven slaven

    Glad to see this state side – in Paris this is huge, Ubisoft has been “battling” BNP and one of the more recent ones was a three-story-high Ezio image:

  • http://twitter.com/FugazoInc Fugazo Inc.

    Here is our Mega Man!

  • http://twitter.com/DaveCurry Dave Curry

    A 45′ long Nyan Cat appeared in the windows of @POP_Agency:twitter  last night. If you’re near 5th and Union, look up and around. http://ow.ly/6Qp82

  • Don Olson

    Looks like Filter’s taken it to a whole new ‘level’.


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