The executive management upheaval continues at RealNetworks, with the Seattle company announcing today that Hank Skorny plans to resign as chief strategy officer and senior vice president effective September 16th. No reason was given for the departure in a SEC filing and representatives at Real could not immediately be reached for comment.

Skorny joined the company in October 2009. At the time, RealNetworks Chairman Rob Glaser said of Skorny:

“Over the past 25 years, Hank has been one of the great innovators in the PC, Internet, and mobile industries,” said Glaser.  “He’s a perfect fit to lead a new effort at Real to build an innovative set of products and services that leverage cloud computing to make digital media available to consumers whenever and wherever they want it.”

Prior to RealNetworks, Skorny served as CEO of Thumbspeed and held senior executive positions at Infospace Mobile and AOL Mobile. He also worked Adobe Systems, Microsoft and Apple Inc.

Skorny was working on the company’s Unifi digital media locker product.

Earlier this year, RealNetworks CEO Bob Kimball stepped down unexpectedly. The company is being led by interim CEO Mike Lunsford.

Follow-up: Hank Skorny’s next gig: VP and GM of consumer services at Intel

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  • Ray Burt

    They have lost a REALLY smart guy.

    • Raymond

      and hank

    • Philsoft

      Because you know it’s best to leave RealSpyworks you indeed prove to be a REALLY smart guy. Good luck Hank Skorny!

    • Blueangel94

      Drive the company in the ground, collect your check and move on the to next gig…yeah..that takes some serious brain power.

  • Peter

    RealNetworks is a sinking ship.

    • WilliamC

      RealNetworks is drilling holes in their own ship.The only thing they appear to do nowadays is sue random people for a hyperlink to something they don’t like.Oh… and they know very well how to put nasty adware and spyware rubbish into their products so nobody wants to use their outdated pieces of junk anymore…

    • Wiki

      RealPlayer (Buffering…) is a shitty (Buffering…) media player (Buffering…) from (Buffering…) RealNetworks.

      It is known for its (Buffering…) insane (Buffering…) amount (Buffering…) of (Buffering…) buffering.

      RealPlayer (Buffering…) makes (Buffering…) even (Buffering…) iTunes (Buffering…) look (Buffering…) good.

    • Pedro D
  • Buffering


  • Steve

    Shocking… RealNetworks still exists

  • Steve

    Shocking… RealNetworks still exists

  • Rob

    All RealNetworks did the last 10 years was reaching a settlement with Microsoft and wasting the money they got out of it.

  • Richard

    Well… buffering… RealNetworks at least still can do something… buffering… like sue over a simple hyperlink… buffering…

    RealNetworks is insane… buffering…

    • Wired

      This shows that the only people left at RealNetworks are a collection of stupid idiots and
      adds to the justification for people like myself to never, ever use or
      recommend their worthless garbage products.

      When I see their junk on a
      pc the first thing I do is delete it as it has no value at all since significantly superior products are available everywhere.

      These filthy bastards at RealNetworks should get sued the hell
      out for malicious prosecution. This is nothing but an intimidation

      RealNetworks deserves to fold
      up like a card table.

      • Wired

        Sorry for abusing my enter key, I was mad and absolutely despise RealNetworks now.

    • InflamedFlamingo

      RealNetworks is an old shameful relic of days gone by, thinking they can still
      be relevant by suing one poor soul who’s as aware as the rest of us that
      RealPlayer has been for a long time, and will continue to be, Forever

    • Appetura

      Stupid idiots.

      YouTube, with help of RealNetworks’ own spyware and adware, killed RealPlayer.

      RealPlayer was not killed by a hyperlink.

      RealNetworks: get Real.

  • JohnV

    Will there still be anyone left at RealNetworks after September 16th?

  • Pete35

    Representatives at Real could not immediately be reached for comment, they were still buffering…

    • WilliamC

      Representatives at Real could not immediately be reached for comment, since there aren’t any left.

      • NiceRabbit

        Representatives at Real could not immediately be reached for comment, since they were all in court suing over links on webpages.

  • Philsoft

    This comment is not loaded yet because of buffering issues.

  • Anonymous


  • johnhcook

    Looks like Hank Skorny is headed to Intel. Here’s my latest.

  • Tekuzo

    RealPlayer still exists? Are there really still people using Windows 95 these days?

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