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Cheezburger is the master of memes, and 2011 created some memorable moments for lovers of Internet culture.

From planking to Pepper Spray Cop, Cheezburger has been tracking all of the silliness and offbeat humor.

What’s your favorite Internet meme of the year? Cheezburger community members liked My Little Pony, 60s Spider-Man captioning and the Nyan Cat.

Here’s a look at the company’s top Internet memes of the year as compiled by the folks at Know Your Meme.

Rebecca Black: (13-year-old singing YouTube celeb)

Planking: (Unusual horizontal photo fad) 

Occupy Wall Street: (Flashmob protest)

First World Problems: (Text/Captioned Images/Video)

Scumbag Steve: (Captioned images)

Meanwhile, in a related press release, Cheezburger today announced that the U.S. Congress has been chosen by its community as the “Kings and Queens of Fail for 2011.”

“Every year, we have one person who really stands out as the biggest FAIL person of the year, but this year all 535 members of Congress get to share the crown,” said Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh. “We try not to take ourselves too seriously, so it’s somewhat painful to see Congress win this award when you have people like Kim Kardashian, Rebecca Black and Charlie Sheen on the list.”

Here’s the top “fails” of the year as compiled by Fail Blog.

The Top 10 Most Memorable FAIL People:

1) Congress                                                                                                                   19%

2) Westboro Baptist Church                                                                                     15%

3) Kim Kardashian                                                                                                      12%

4) Rebecca Black                                                                                                         11%

5) Charlie Sheen                                                                                                          10%

6) Muammar Gaddafi                                                                                                 7%

7) Casey Anthony                                                                                                         6%

8) Jerry Sandusky                                                                                                        5%

9) Lindsay Lohan                                                                                                         4%

10) Anthony Weiner                                                                                                    3%

The Top 10 Most Memorable FAIL Moments:

1) Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ marriage                                                 24%

2) Congress declares pizza a vegetable                                                                      13%

3) Harold Camping’s prediction of the Rapture                                                       12%

4) Occupy Protests                                                                                                        11%

5) The Internet Censorship Bill                                                                                  10%

6) Mariah Yeater accuses Justin Bieber of fathering her baby                               7%

7) The GOP debates                                                                                                       5%

8) Anthony Weiner shows his wiener                                                                        4%

9) Trump raises questions about Obama’s birth certificate                                   3%

10) Sony gets attacked by Lulzsec                                                                               2%

Top 10 Most Memorable FAIL Videos on FAIL Blog:

1) Bootleg Fireworks FAIL                                                                                          13%

2) Understanding Physics FAIL                                                                                  11%

3) They See Me Rollin’ FAIL                                                                                         9%

4) Dumpster Parkour FAIL                                                                                          8%

5) Parking Spot FAIL                                                                                                     7%

6) Army Double FAIL                                                                                                    6%

7) Too Old For Playgrounds FAIL                                                                               5%

8) Treadmill Technique FAIL                                                                                       4%

9) Monkey Bar Dismount FAIL                                                                                    3%

10) Choice of Swimming Hole FAIL                                                                            2%

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