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It was a big week for tech news, with Facebook rolling out its online video chat service with Skype and Amazon continuing its tax battle against California and other states. As in weeks past, there was also the consistent chatter about a new tech bubble forming and calls for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to step down.

With those topics in mind, here’s a look back at some of the top comments of the week on GeekWire. Thanks again to everyone for reading and joining the conversation.

Nintendo remains steadfast in its desire to develop games for its own platforms, rather than Facebook or Apple’s  iOS. That led one reader to remark:

“They control the hardware and the software, so they control the full end-to-end experience. Nintendo is thus the Apple of video games — they don’t need to code for any other platforms because they ARE the platform.”

Full story and discussion: “Nintendo: We don’t need no stinkin’ social games”

There’s certainly been a lot of chatter about the rise of a new tech bubble, and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen added some fuel to that fire this week when he told The New York Times that there’s no bubble and tech stocks are currently undervalued. Mike Mathieu responded:

“I think I remember John Doerr making the same quote just as the bubble was inflating last time. Bubbles aren’t bad for everyone, just most people. Especially if you can sell your Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook shares before it pops.”

Full story and discussion: “Marc Andreessen: Wall Street hates tech and why Microsoft and others are undervalued”

Angel Djambazov’s guest post on the tax fight sparked an active discussion, and led reader Barbara Burns to suggest a new strategy for the Seattle online retailer.

“I’ve wondered for ages why Amazon did not rally all the Mommy Bloggers & assorted other Bloggers in all the states instead of just banishing them from their program. Because Amazon keeps dropping all their affiliates, I’ve decided not to buy from them – I am not a major buyer so I won’t be missed … but it is the point … they took sides against regular people like me instead of mobilizing us to fight these laws in our states. I personally shop online for things I cannot buy locally, not to avoid sales taxes.”

Full story and discussion: “A guide to why Amazon is losing the tax battle”

Another week, another series of comments from readers suggesting that Microsoft needs to change its leadership structure. One reader noted:

“Another excellent example of why it’s not just Ballmer that has to be replaced, but MS’s entire board. Imagine another public company director concluding they’d done a “good” job when they’ve destroyed 50% of shareholder value since 2000 and taken the company from leader to laggard.  And listen to the same tired excuses: we’re too big to grow fast, we face a tough economy, new competitors have arisen, investing in new areas costs a lot of money and takes time. How come Apple is now larger than MS and growing at more than 7x the rate with no slowdown in site? Do we hear Jobs whining about how tough growth is when you get that big? Same with the slow economy. Again, we don’t hear Apple, or Google, or VMware hiding behind that excuse, even though they face the same headwinds.”

Full story and discussion: “Microsoft board member says board is no rubber stamp”

Thanks again to everyone for reading and commenting.

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