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BigDoor founder Keith Smith touched a nerve after writing a guest post for GeekWire this past week explaining his frustrations with’s lack of communication following the massive AWS outage. The post went viral, rising up the charts on TechMeme and Hacker News and leading to interviews for Smith with The New York Times and National Public Radio.

Most readers agreed with Smith’s assessment that Amazon should have done a better job of explaining what was going on, including Ron Zeligzon who wrote:

“Spot On Keith! I think Amazon as an entity needs to be a bit more transparent, not just AWS. Lack of transparency nowadays, only hurts companies. Keith you shouldn’t be the one apologizing, Amazon should be the one apologizing.”

Full story and discussion: “’s real problem isn’t the outage, it’s the lack of communication”

Facing increased competition for technical talent, Microsoft announced a plan to boost employee compensation this past week. Reader Aidanhadley was not impressed:

“Ballmer should boost company innovation instead. That might do a better job of stemming the exodus than simply boosting salaries.”

Full story and discussion: “Ballmer memo: Microsoft plans unprecedented boost in employee compensation, simpler reviews”

Our story on the new daily deal site sparked a mixed response from readers, but one said he liked the idea proposed by Woodinville High School English teacher Coby Dilling:

“It’s a good market niche, and a necessary one. Bottom line: If they sell deals for good “watering holes”, I’m buying and so are many men I know. Best of luck!”

Full story and discussion: “ManDeals launches new daily deal site, just for the dudes”

GeekWire co-founder Todd Bishop’s review of Paul Allen’s new memoir, Idea Man, won praise from readers as did Bishop’s discussion with the Microsoft co-founder at Town Hall in Seattle. Wrote one:

“Great review. Glad someone is trying to cut through the media tactics of hyperbole and outrage. Fascinating man.”

Full story and discussion: “Review: Paul Allen’s book isn’t mean, it is just honest”

Thanks to everyone for joining the GeekWire community, and for all of the great comments.

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